Friday, February 11, 2011

The Foul Bigotry of Stephen Harper

Call Stephen Harper what you will. Call him a cruel bully, or an evil genius. Call him an ideological extremist who wants to destroy government. Or God's man on earth. Or just a maniac.

But don't ever forget to call him a BIGOT.

He has voted against every gay rights bill ever introduced in Parliament. Even those designed to save lives. He forced a second vote on the gay marriage issue. He believes gay people choose to be gay.

And now he's bashing transexual and transgendered Canadians.

Once again, the House of Commons has passed legislation against the will of Prime Minister Stephen Harper – this time, to protect the rights of transgender and transsexual citizens. Once again, it is likely to die in the Senate.

Six Conservatives voted for the bill. But not Stephen Harper.

Even though that small oppressed community needs support and protection.

Not only did 41 per cent of the 6,450 respondents attempt suicide compared to 1.6 per cent of the general population, 19 per cent said they had been refused housing. One in five experienced homelessness. Nearly half has been fired or denied promotions. They also report double the national rate of unemployment and are four times more likely to live in extreme poverty.

And a Prime Minister's first responsibility is to ensure the safety of ALL Canadians.

But Harper won't do that because he'd rather polish the large oily buttocks of the grotesque homophobic porker Charles McVety.

“Bill C-389 is a danger to our children,” said Charles McVety, president of the Institute for Canada Values. “If ‘gender identity’ is enshrined in the Criminal Code of Canada, any male at any time will be permitted in girls’ bathrooms, showers and change rooms as long as they have an ‘innate feeling’ of being female.”

Gawd. What a coincidence eh? Every time I read his filthy pornographic fantasies, I feel like taking a shower.

And every time Harper rubs up against that depraved porker, I see a bully and smell a stinky bigot.

So good luck with this challenge.

Dan Savage has a challenge for the prime minister...Savage points out that no one from the Conservative government has yet to post a video.

The Prime Minister's Office has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Surprise. Surprise. You know a lot of people in this country,including many progressives, have given Harper's bizarre views on LGBT rights a pass. To their eternal damnation.

But of course we can't.

By the company they keep we shall know them.

By their actions they shall be JUDGED...

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ck said...

Now watch Stevie Spiteful get the bill destroyed by his friends in the senate.

Mark from Slap said...

Well put, Simon! Though I think we'll have to start coordinating our topics if we keep posting the same things at the same time. Hehe. :)

At any rate, now I guess we should be taking bets on what transparently ostensible reason the senate will make up when they trash this much needed bill. And it better not have anything to do with bathrooms, because I'd be far more horrified to find Mike Duffy showering next to me at the gym than a trans guy.

Simon said...

hi ck...maybe it will die in the Senate, but that will only focus attention on the kind of pig sty
Harper has created. And denying Canadians human rights makes you wonder what they might do if they ever get a majority.
So I'm not too worried... ;)

Simon said...

hi Mark...thanks and let me assure you that if it wasn't for the crazy hours I'm working, I would never post the same thing as you at the same time. Because nobody would read my post. :(
Although I have to say we are on the same wavelength because I also thought of describing a nightmare where I go to shower and there is Charles McVety. Aaaaaaargh.
And BTW I absolutely LOVE your picture of Stephen Harper making an It Gets Better video.
That's scary, you my brother are a beautiful genius. And I'm so JEALOUS... :)