Monday, February 07, 2011

In the Kingdom of the Bullies

In the Kingdom of the Bullies. Where the bully-in-chief doesn't hesitate to run his foul attack ads during a football game.

Rules by fear. Shames our country. And degrades our institutions.

Also Monday, Moore announced the appointment of Pierre Gingras to the board of the CBC. Gingras was an ADQ member of the Quebec National Assembly in 2007 and 2008 and formerly a mayor of Blainville.

In the Kingdom of the Bullies. Where right-wing loudmouths like Don Cherry RULE. And even the country's best hockey player gets the treatment.

Now given all this, you'd think Crosby would be one of the most highly respected hockey players around. Think again. Around the league and among fans he's derisively referred to as "Cindy," accused of being gay and called a pussy for not sucking it up like macho hockey players are supposed to and continuing to play concussed or not, which Crosby actually did, until he suffered another concussion four days later.

After being flattened by a cheap shot from behind.

In the Kingdom of the Bullies. Where police brutality is the new normal. And most gay kids don't feel safe in school.

In the Kingdom of the bullies. On a February night when I'm too beat to blog.

Thank goodness for Pink Shirt Day.

And these great kids in British Columbia...

Hope springs eternal.

If we can't improve the present.

Let's make the future BETTER...

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Oemissions said...

good to see that flash mobs still create joy
very multicultural location
closeups of the 2 geezers digging it shows the fun

Simon said...

hi Oemission...yes it was a joyous scene, and the multicultural mix made it even more special.I also love that Canadian kids came up with the pink shirt idea. These days we don't have much to celebrate but that's definitely one of them... :)