Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stephen Harper The Great Incompetent

You know I spend so much time warning people that Stephen Harper is a bully, a political thug, and a dangerous maniac, I sometimes forget to mention the obvious.

He is also an incompetent idiot.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my job to be blunt. So I’ll just say it: Stephen Harper is incompetent.

I know that’s not his reputation. Lots of people accuse him of being ruthless, or an ideologue, but he’s usually credited with being a basically competent manager.

He doesn’t deserve that credit.

A man so incredibly incompetent he would gut bludgeon a census with a sledgehammer because he claimed it's an invasion of privacy.

Or whatever the voices in his head told him to say that day...

Only to replace it with something even MORE intrusive.

With registry-based data systems, every person is given a government ID number, required by law to register a raft of personal data, and further required to constantly notify the government of any change in address, job, family relations, car ownership, etc. And all this information is linked and centralized.

In short, anyone who thinks the mandatory census is unacceptably intrusive should find this positively Communist.

OMG. And I thought he was a fascist eh?

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with questioning the census or any other status quo. Indeed, it’s always good practice to consider the relative merits of alternatives.

But as any reasonably competent manager knows, you do that before, not after, you pick up the sledgehammer and smash stuff.

Who after he fools dumb Canadians into giving a majority, plans to put down the hammer and pick up a chainsaw...

And saw slash mutilate Canada beyond recognition.

Which I guess proves my original point eh?

He may be an idiot, and a hopeless incompetent. But he's also a dangerous MANIAC.

And in a country full of dummies.

The sooner we get rid of him, the safer we'll ALL be....

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Kev said...

The only thing Harper is in any way competent at is in the not so fine art of school yard games and this is sold in the corporate media as
overall genius.

He has lurched from one self inflicted disaster to another unchallenged in any meaningful way by said media and a cowardly self serving opposition

Stewart said...

Hi Simon,
I'm not sure that he is incompetent.

The replacement census that is being spoken of would gather far more information in Harper's hands.

He is, as part of selling Canada out to the US, going to be giving any information he has on the Canadian populace to his US masters.

Wouldn't they like as much info as they can get to further their project of North American control?

Its not hard to imagine that in the new perimeter security sell-out the US will use Canada as a test bed for new ideas that the US gov. would like to institute in the "homeland" but has to work the bugs out of first.

Harper is a front-man. He has been groomed for his current position for a long time. Look at his relationship to Flannigan at UofC, Flannigan being an American and a major part of the neo-con infection that has spread in Canada.

I think its a mistake to underestimate him. I would absolutely say that he he is mentally ill, likely with some kind of personality disorder/asperger's he might even be a Sociopath.

Sociopaths do sometimes screw up because they have no empathy. But he isn't stupid as he always backs off when he realizes he's gone to far.

I think Canadians just can't imagine how much more damage he will do to this country if he gets a majority or a few more minorities.

Food for thought perhaps.

Randomizer said...

You should link to Dan Gardner's Post that you quote for two reasons: To recognize the work that he did; and, so other people can read the whole thing. Let me help. Award-winning journalist Dan Gardner, wrote this excellent piece.

Simon said...

hi Kev...yup...when the history of this ugly time is written, it will be harsh on our corporate media.
Some journalists are now finally writing critically, but they let him get away with murder for so long, I fear it's too little too late.
I don't know if you've looked at that latest EKOS poll, but it makes truly depressing reading.
Because this must also be said, too many hoggy Canadians allowed themselves to be bought off, and sold the country down the drain.
Oh well. I still think we can beat him with a good campaign, but it's not going to be easy...

Simon said...

hi Stewart...fair enough. And in Con Canada paranoia is a higher state of consciousness. ;)
But from what I've heard his decision to gut the census was an impulsive decision, precipitated by a domestic situation, and now he's probably just trying to pick up the pieces.
But I agree that he always has wanted to be part of something larger than Canada. So this perimeter security sellout gives me the shivers.
I also firmly believe that he is a sociopath, and I know they're not stupid. I once had a summer job at a jail, and they were running the place.
The problem I see is that so many Canadians are so incredibly dumb or uninformed, he could very well get his majority, and we will regret it FOREVER...

Simon said...

hi Randomizer...When I published the post I didn't notice that I had I had left out the link to Gardner's story. But as soon as I noticed it I put it in.
And you're right, Gardner is a good journalist...

Kev said...

Hi Simon,No matter how much we all say we hate them negative ads do work, especially when only one side has joined the battle. I too feel that once an election is called and more voters start to pay attention and hopefully give serious thought (ok, so I'm delusional) to what is happening to our nation some will reconsider their support for Harper

The latest series of polls sure do make for depressing reading alright. The next series of polls will tell the tale however, if as has usually happened in the past people pull back from the cons fearing a Harper majority then ok, but if not,then I may lose what little sanity I have left.

Simon said...

hi Kev...well hang on to your sanity with both hands, and get ready to go into exile. Because now there are three polls showing the same trend.
And I heard Frank Graves on the CBC say today that the boomers are breaking for the Cons at a rate of two to one.
Everything is coming up roses for the Cons. Our leaders have failed us. And I'm really looking forward to five years of fascism. NOT... :)

Anonymous said...

Harper is bad.

Almost as bad as the Liberals.

When are you going to blog about the Liberals and their Mafia pals? Just ask Charest...

or Alfonso Gagliano.