Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Cons and the Porky Action Plan

Gawd. Is there nothing these Con hogs won't do to try to win a majority? Or soil what's left of our democracy?

Today they were squealing all over the country plugging their Porky Action Plan.

The Harper government is wringing every last drop of political gain out of the largely exhausted stimulus package, staging an unprecedented number of events across the country while spending millions on ads in the run-up to a possible election.

Blatantly buying votes.

Apart from a few exceptions, virtually all of the $60-billion stimulus package money has been spent. Even so, the government is currently spending $6.5-million to promote the action plan through to March 27, which is about when a federal election campaign will start if the government is defeated next month over the budget.

Or just going hog wild.

Denis Lebel, Minister of State for Canada Economic Development, will announce funding to Saint-Anthony's Hermitage in Lac-Bouchette...which has "enabled the sanctuary to renovate the site's buildings, build two cottages and set up a wooden observation tower equipped with interpretive panels depicting the life of Saint Anthony."

An important infrastructure event with the Honourable Diane Ablonczy, MP, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs.DETAILS: Given the dearth of alternate scenarios, this appears to be a ministerial tour of the CEA!P-renovated locker rooms at the Crowfoot YMCA. Seriously.

Even as some excellent work by the Canadian Press reveals the Porky Action Plan website to be nothing but a SCAM. Designed and controlled down to the last detail by Stephen Harper's sinister operatives in the PMO.

A flashy taxpayer-funded website was conceived as the "key component" in marketing the Conservative government's Economic Action Plan, a secret memo prepared for Stephen Harper reveals.

Documents reveal it is part of a massive, centrally co-ordinated campaign — critics call it partisan propaganda — orchestrated out of the Prime Minister's Office at taxpayer expense.

For the greater glory of the Briber-in-Chief...

So he can win a majority, and then claim the government has no money, so he HAS to strangle medicare.

Oh boy. I could go on about how this stimulus program should have been used to invest in new green industries to give the unemployed youth of Canada a future. Instead of trying to BUY an election.

But I'm too tired tonight.

So all I can say is what I always say. Because you can't say it enough times eh?

This country is in terrible danger. This isn't a government, it's a MOB.

First we must defeat these corrupt Cons.

And then we must ARREST them...

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