Monday, February 28, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Libyan Debacle

Gawd. I see Stephen Harper was talking tough on Libya today. Sounding like Moses Noah  Steve.

“A government’s first and most fundamental responsibility is to protect the safety and security of its citizens,” Harper said. “Mr. Gadhafi has blatantly violated this most basic trust.”

After failing miserably to protect the safety and security of Canadians.

The Canadian effort has been plagued with confusion and delays...A lack of co-ordination on the ground at the airport in Tripoli may have resulted in a charter plane leaving Libya empty — with no stranded Canadians on board.

Blatantly violating their basic trust in government by lying about EVERYTHING.

Libya is still crawling with his friends from Big Oil. And nobody cares what Great Statesman Bumbling Idiot Leader says about  ANYTHING.

Nations are judged by what they do, not what they say. Canada’s foreign policy, as well as the shattered Conservative commitment to accountability at home, diminishes solemn pronouncements to meaningless bromides.

But no doubt he will seek to portray this Con klown debacle into the next best thing since Noah's Ark. In order to distract attention from this sordid scandal.

In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he follows up by appointing Bev Oda as our new ambassador to Libya. To get her out of the country before she talks too much.

Expose her to tank fire.

And force her to exchange this limo...

For a CAMEL. For failing to shred the doctored documents.  

And no doubt some Canadians will be fooled.

Another poll released this week showed that Canadians are right up there with the Swedes and Saudis as the world’s leading back-patters on how well their countries have done. That national self-congratulation is exactly what the Conservatives hope will put Canadians in a grateful mood come voting day.

Because they're easily impressed eh? Or just MORONS.

Especially those who believe that the porker Cons just handed out about a half billion dollars of our tax dollars in ONE buy votes. And are running millions of dollars of TV ads because they DON'T want an election.  

Oh boy. What more can you say ?

Except that this country is in real trouble.

Canadians are being fooled, screwed, and humiliated.

But the animals are REALLY grateful...

OMG. Did you hear that prairie dog ? He started off shouting "Alan, Alan !!!! "

And ended up shouting "Steve, Steve !!!! "

Sounds like the modern history of Canada eh?

"Bev, Bev !!!! Can I call you a camel?"

May the Monkey God save us ALL...

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