Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fox News North Gets Some Competition.

From the Rotisserie Channel.

Starting Monday, the Canadian family restaurant fires up a constant televised loop of 12 roasters turning on a spit to promote the chain.

The Rotisserie Channel will feature two rows of chickens roasting in an open-flame oven.

OMG. What a fowl move. They get on the air while the Fox News North gang is still counting its pencils, and steal half their audience before they even have a chance to FAIL.

Because Cons aren't too bright eh?

And are easily hypnotized by the sight of chickens going round and round.

Oh well. I'm sure Kory Teneycke will find some cheap way to lure them back...

I mean he lured himself back eh?

And I suppose when things get DESPERATE.

As they will. Very very quickly. 

They can always try Turkey Tuesdays...

Mmmmm...TASTY. And obviously ALL you can eat.

But will it be enough to stop their dumb redneck viewers from flocking to the Chicken Channel?

Golly. I don't know.

You don't think Ezra Levant could do the weather dressed in a fish suit do you ?

Oh he CAN?

Oh well. That changes EVERYTHING.

A Chicken Channel AND a Con Fish Channel. Canada's back !!!!!!

Gawd. If the rest of the world finds out about this, our BATTERED image will never recover.

But I say what the duck?

This is CON Canada eh?

And here come the Cons...

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