Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Charles McVety and the Anus Cannon

Holy jumping Jabbesus. I see the grotesque homophobic bigot Charles McVety is looking for a new channel.

Evangelical minister and television personality Charles McVety says he is the victim of "political censorship" and intends to take legal action after Crossroads Television System cancelled his show this week.

And wailing like a banshee that he's a VICTIM. Waaaaaaaaaah. When the real victims are gay Canadians who should be suing HIM for slandering their humanity.

But what will he do now I wonder?

I see Big City Lib thinks he will end up on Fox News North.

But I doubt it. I don't think that Con propaganda station would want to remind Canadians that McVety's insane views on the Middle East are dictating our country's foreign policy.

A big chunk of the pastors’ trip is being spent in Shilo and Ariel, which according to McVety are not Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

“First of all, they’re not settlements but towns and villages,” he said. “Second, this is Judea and Samaria, not the West Bank, and to say that a Jew cannot build a house in Judea is stupid, moronic and anti-Semitic.”

Or that he is such a good friend of Stephen Harper, he says he can call him up ANYTIME he wants.

And besides if Ezra Levant and McVety farted at the same time they'd probably blow the roof off the Fox News operation outhouse.

Me first !!!  No me first !!!  BOOM.

Gawd. You know what? I thought of the Food Channel. But that would probably be pornographic. And forget the Shopping Channel eh? Because would you buy ANYTHING from a Jabba like that?

No. I'm afraid if the homophobic bloater is going to get his weird show on the air again.

It's going to have to be on this channel...

Damn. Too bad they already have a Cake Whore eh?

But how about the Anus Cannon?

Golly. I hate to admit it. But with an asshole as big as that one.

I'd probably watch it...

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Kev said...

I bow to thee Simon, O master of the snark

Simon said...

hi Kev...thanks. But is that a good thing? My Mum would definitely not approve. But honestly what else could I say? Sometimes you just have to call an asshole an asshole... :)

thwap said...

So, what do you call someone who says a Palestinian can't live in Palestine?

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this but you should re-read two (three one about CRTC ``faggot`` decision as well) of your last posts and reflect on them. It seems to me that Harper is getting ready clean up CRTC and dump homosexuals from it.

Simon said...

hi thwap...well I would call him a crazy IDIOT. But then I'm biased... :)
The depressing part of course is that to appease people like McVety our foreign policy in the Middle East is now a JOKE...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...OK that's it. I know who you are, and so do the police. If you start up your crazy stuff again, and make any more veiled threats, I will have you put away for good.
And don't bother replying. Because after making a copy of your comment, to go with my collection of your e-mails. I shall simply delete you...