Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stephen Harper's Pathetic Message to Gaddafi

If it wasn't such a sad and sordid spectacle, and so many people weren't being murdered in Libya, I probably would have burst out laughing.

There was our own crazed tin pot dictator Stephen Harper lecturing the deranged Muammar Gaddafi on human rights.

Trying to sound tough. While not even calling on Gaddafi to step down. Or calling for a no-fly zone. Which only made Harper look like a chihuahua. Or an absolute IDIOT. 

And so soon after this humiliating debacle.

The majority of the Canadians registered with the embassy in Tripoli had said they wanted to leave.

However, a government source offered no explanation as to why the plane left carrying only the crew.

And this humiliating episode...

But what's a tin pot klown dictator to do eh? 

He can hardly tell his masters in Big Oil to stop blowing Gaddafi.

When they've been pumping him FOREVER.

Just like he can't tell his masters in Big Business to stop building prisons.

When he's spending BILLIONS building them all over Canada.

And besides Harper has this crush on Stalin, so I wouldn't be surprised if his heart just wasn't in it. Before he slaps Gaddafi with a slipper.

He'd rather whack Elections Canada.

Because that's the nature of OUR crazed tyrant.

Oh boy. The Libyan people deserve better, and so do Canadians.

A Con klown is a Con klown. A dictator is a dictator.

And a chihuahua is a chihuahua...

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