Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

To all my Chinese friends...especially the ones in Shanghai.

The wild gay boys who are helping to make China a better place to live.

May the fireworks chase the nian away.

And may the rabbit make you happy.


From Canada with love.

Happy New Year everybody !!!!


P.S. To the Chinese government...there are no hidden messages in that video, so please don't block me again. China is already a great country, and internet freedom will make you even GREATER...


ur merit said...

Hey, Simon! Happy 2 Year!( '2' has the same pronounciation as rabbit in chinese) Hopefully everything gets better in the new year! <3 ya!

Simon said...

hi ur merit... I'm sure you know that when I was talking about those wild boys in Shanghai I was talking about you. ;)
I hope everything is good with you, and of course Happy 2 Year !!!!