Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stephen Harper as the Cable Guy

OK. So let me get this straight. For eight months Stephen Harper's Cons do absolutely NOTHING to stop the Cable Oligopoly from trying to throttle the internet.

Except offer them juicy corporate tax cuts.

Then the CRTC says yes boss whatever you say, the opposition complains.

Mr. Angus said Canadian consumers are being held hostage by a small number of big Internet providers who dominate the web access industry.

“We don’t have a market. We have a Family Compact...”

And now, with an election looming, Stephen Harper is posing as the Cable Guy?

“We’re very concerned about CRTC’s decision on usage-based billing and its impact on consumers,” Harper tweeted.

“I’ve asked for a review of the decision.”

OMG. Gimme a break. How many multiple personalities does he have? And what will he NOT promise to try to win a majority? In an election he claims he doesn't want.

Oh well. At least the Cons pulled this ridiculous ad today.

They had to eh?

It's one thing to try to portray Stephen Harper as a nice guy, with a halo as big as  bagel. Because that's just absurd.

And quite another thing to try to portray him as an economist. Because that's practically FRAUDULENT.

Or worse.

Parliament’s budget watchdog warned in a scathing report Thursday that the Tories deficit-reduction plan doesn’t measure up.

"You can’t square it, it doesn’t add up..."

So now I have only three questions eh?

Why does the crazy Cable Guy want to give Big Business juicy tax cuts? When they don't create jobs. Only make the rich richer, and the deficit BIGGER?

Who will he pretend to be tomorrow?

And when can we FIRE him?

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