Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jack Layton and the Werewolf of Ottawa

Uh oh. I see that Jack Layton has had a scary cordial meeting with Great Werewolf Leader. 

Not that there's anything wrong with that eh?

As long as you remember that he is a werewolf, that he can't help himself, that he lies all the time. And that no matter how much you scratch his hairy back, if he smells  a majority before the budget comes down, he'll go for it like a

But I have to admit this bothers me.

Because it seems to me that Jack has forgotten that we're living in a time of ideological WAR. Stephen Harper's overriding objective is to destroy government, by starving it with tax cuts, and wasting billions on jet planes and prisons.

So he can use a large deficit to slash social services, kill all kinds of Canadian institutions, strangle medicare, and turn this country into a JUNGLE.

And Jack just gave the beast a bone.

By allowing Harper to go ahead with is his corporate tax cuts, Layton gives this incredibly destructive prime minister the one thing he really wants and allows Harper to maintain undiminished his ideological assault on the country and its political culture.

The most important thing Layton could have done was set Harper back on his heels in his blitzkrieg against the activist role of government. Instead he has acquiesced to it and reinforced it – a huge gift to Harper.

And in the process probably boned himself:

Layton, by far the most trusted politician on the federal scene, will now be seen by many as going hat in hand to a man who not only condones lying but effectively endorses it. He looks desperate.

And left Stephen Harper happily howling at the moon:

No one who pays even scant attention to federal politics will believe for a minute that Harper was “respectful” of Jack Layton. This man is a sociopath and is contemptuous of almost every other human on the planet. He was laughing because he knew he held the winning hand.

Because he's a werewolf eh? And he can't help himself.

Oh boy. I like Jack Layton. And I realize that we're all living in desperate times.

But those who don't recognize that we're fighting an ideological war for the future of Canada are condemned to lose it.

So all I can suggest is that the next time Jack visits Great Werewolf Leader he might get a better deal if he avoids meeting him when there's a full moon. As he did yesterday.

And uses Bev Oda's limo wheelbarrow.

To bring him a monster-sized serving of beef chow mein...


The werewolf is sniffing the air.

The left is lost in the woods.

And the full moon is rising...

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thwap said...

Do me a favour Simon. Write your concerns to Layton and the NDP.

I did.

Grandma in Toronto said...

Hi Simon:

I glad to see your back to your old self. I always read your posts because they speak to my beliefs. Jack Layton I have no respect for because he loves the scraps that Harper throws occasionally at him. The term respectful - I question why he felt he needed to tell us that Harper was respectful. Oh and what really bugs me about the Oda incident is that we all know the truth of this matter. But for Oda to not answer questions in the House of Commons and to allow Harper and Baird to speak on her behalf - as a woman I find this (I can's even think of a word that describes how I feel, anger, disgust). We women are continually struggling to have our voices heard and our strength to be recognized. We don't have to worry about Harper setting us back. Oda is doing a great job and every woman out there should be outraged by her behaviour. If you can't take the heat that comes with being an MP then step aside and allow another woman who has the courage.

Sorry my post was so long but as I stated you always speak to my beliefs and I guess you ignited a little fire in me.

Simon said...

hi thwap...luckily I don't have to go to that trouble. Olivia is my MP so I can tell her personally.
But as I said in the post,I can't be too harsh on our side. I save it all for the Cons. What I will say is that this is just another manifestation of the systematic problem killing this country. Anyone who thinks that five progressive parties can fight each other votes, and beat a united right, must by now be clearly delusional. Until we unite or get proportional representation, we are going nowhere and our country is doomed...

Simon said...

hi Grandma...Yes I'm back to my old self. I spent the day toboganning,crashed into a tree,
banged my head, and now I'm fine. NOT. ;)
But seriously I totally agree with you about the way the Cons have treated Oda. Hiding her so she didn't appear in the same shot as Harper. Or having that jackass Baird speak for her. As if a woman like her couldn't speak for herself. As much as I hate that stooge, that disgusted me too, and I mentioned that in a post. I'm surprised more people didn't pick up on that like you and me did.
But then why are we shocked, when the Cons have been going after women's rights from the very moment they assumed office? Harper clearly has some very bizarre views about women, he gives me the creeps, and honestly, the day he goes will be one of the happiest days of my life. It can't come soon enough...