Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who's Afraid of a Harper Majority?

Even in the bleakness of late winter in Canada, this new poll doesn't really depress me.

The Cons have been bombarding the airwaves with all kinds of attack ads. And the day we fight back we will do better.

What does depress me is that a Canadian journalist like John Ibbitson could ask such a stupid question.

Who’s afraid of a big, bad Harper majority?

The enemies of Stephen Harper fear that he would be willing to get far, far ahead of the curve. They believe he harbours a radical social and fiscal agenda that he would unleash if given an opportunity: The right to abortion and gay marriage would be reversed; the Canada Pension Plan privatized; health care turned over to the corporations; the CBC stripped of its funding; safety and environmental regulations trashed – well, the sky would fall.

And then quote a Liberal to come up with this stupid answer:

Mr. Harper's paramount desire to make the Conservatives Canada's new natural governing party will always serve as the best check on whatever rabid-right tendencies he might harbour.

As if we were crazy for fearing a majority, and Harper wasn't a sinister ideologue and a ruthless political thug, who after five years of changing Canada beyond beyond recognition wouldn't give a damn what happened to his party.

Because it's all about HIM.

He's the one who is CRAZY.

And a man with a record like his, who lies about EVERYTHING, can't be trusted with absolute power because he's capable of ANYTHING.

And has Ibbitson considered what might happen if he is wrong? And Harper does everything Ibbitson says he won't. With the support of only FORTY per cent of Canadians.

This country could be torn apart by the greatest social upheaval it has ever seen...

As the majority tries to prevent a minority from destroying the Canada they love.

Denying Harper a majority isn't just the only SANE thing to do. It's more than just guarding women's rights, protecting gay people and the poor, or saving the CBC, the NFB, the Canada Pension Plan and medicare.

It really is about saving Canada.

So let the foul Cons, and all those dumb Canadians sleepwalking to disaster, understand this:

We WILL fight back.

We will NOT allow gay rights to be extinguished, we will NOT allow women to be forced back to the 1950s barefoot and pregnant.

We will NOT live in a police state.

We WILL save our country.

Or there will be a REVOLUTION...

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thwap said...

Can't say i care too much for ibbitson at all.

or people who would consider voting harpercon.

Simon said...

hi thwap...well you're right Ibbitson is a very conservative writer. But what I'm talking about is the moral dimension. How can you write anything these days without mentioning what Harper is doing to our democracy and our country. History will judge them harshly.
As for those who would vote for the best they are deluded, at worst they are DISGUSTING...