Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Invisible Woman

Oh my Big Brother. Stephen Harper and his sinister Cons have had a lot of bad days. But even by the standards of the B-movie Orwellian horror show that is Canada these days, this had to be one of the worst.

There was Great Leader repeating his Con talking points over and over again like some sort of sinister robot, with smoke coming out of his ears orifices.

"Speaker, the minister took a decision. She's been clear about that, clear in this House. It was clear before committee," the prime minister told the House as Oda remained in her seat.

While ignoring the essential question: Who doctored that document?

And was it HIM?

While just behind Great Scandal Leader, Bev "Limo" Oda was slouching in her seat, wearing sunglasses. So nobody could see her in the same television picture as Harper. And if they did, hopefully they wouldn't recognize her.

Observant scribes began to tweet that when the prime minister stood to answer questions in the House, another minister, Rona Ambrose, would suddenly change her posture in order to shield Ms. Oda from the TV cameras.

While John Baird was answering any questions directed at Oda. So he could wear a purple dress. And she could stay hidden like the invisible woman. 

Behind the Village Idiot...

Because as Bev Baird said, she's innocent eh?

Gawd. Luckily none of this matters. All that matters is who doctored the document? And when can we arrest HIM?

And if Harper DID add the smoking NOT, and Oda knows it. And that's why Great Leader is too scared to fire her. 

And who can blame him?

Does this mean she can now bend him to her will? And is now the REAL Prime Minister?

Oh no. How will we know who is REALLY running this country? Big Oil, Big Brother, or Big Bev?

Answer: wait to see whether she gets a new limo...

Oh boy. These Con klowns have gotta go.

Stephen Harper a strong leader? NOT.

Bev, Bev, can I call you a limo.... with a swimming pool?


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