Monday, June 14, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Missing Sausages

Well I see Obama and his gang at the White House enjoyed the video about Harper and his Fake Lake.

Almost as much as I did...

Until, for both of us, reality reared its ugly head.

Obama realized that he's going to have to spend three long days trying to stop Harper from crawling all over him, like a flea on a dog. 

Boring him to tears with his wacky economic theories, and his nerdy stories about how he LOVES basketball soooo much. And did you know it was invented in Canada?

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Mercy. Mercy. 

And I realized that I'm going to spend more than two weeks in a police state of a neighbourhood.

Where even sausages are verboten.

I mean really that's the limit. Those summit piggies are going to stuff themselves with shrimp and caviar, and I can't even buy a HOTDOG?

And who was the genius who thought he could stimulate the economy of Toronto, and buy himself some votes? By shutting down a large part of the downtown area, forcing people to take unpaid vacations.

And driving thousands of others out of the city.

Oh yes.I remember.

This fake economist...

Oh boy. When this ghastly summit is over can we please fire that loon loonatic egomaniac quack?

Because him and his incompetent Cons couldn't even run a fake hot dog stand.

And we just can't afford them...

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