Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Drowning Pool

Well by now everybody knows the shocking story of the loon and his fake lake.

A fake $2 million indoor lake by the Gardiner Expressway is the latest example of the Conservative government’s summit spending spree that some say could hit $2 billion by the time world leaders fly out of Toronto on June 27.

And how Stephen Harper is spending gazillions of dollars we can't afford.

The government is hosting the gold-plated summits despite the fact that it is running the highest budget deficits in Canadian history. The Conservatives inherited a $13 billion annual budget surplus when they took power but the Harper government will have a budget deficit of $49 billion this year, part of budgetary shortfalls that will total $158 billion by 2014.

But has anybody wondered why Mr "Fiscal Conservative" is acting like a fiscal madman loonatic? Because I have, and the answer is pretty scary.

In the short term he is hoping to buy votes, by pumping millions and millions of dollars into the pockets of police officers, construction workers, and city employees.

Like the ones who started building this security barrier today...

Because if you thought the Porky Action Plan had gone away. It hasn't. It's still squealing away in the corner buying votes with OUR dollars.

Votes that Great Loon Leader  hopes will carry him to victory in the next election, so he can use the massive deficit he created, to justify cutting government to the bloody bone. Bye Bye social programs, so long medicare.

Which is of course what Stephen Harper has always wanted more than ANYTHING. Has anyone ever read his bizarre master's thesis on pre-electoral spending and fiscal policy?

Everyone should. That isn't just a fake lake he's building. It's a drowning pool for the Canada we know and love.

Meanwhile just a two blocks south of the Summit Centre is this real lake, and this real view... 

Which we could have had for FREE.

Along with this one...

Oh boy. The sun is going down on Canada.

The loon is a loonatic.

And most Canadians don't even know it...


Oemissions said...

i never thought about it that way...good explanation Simon!

Jennifer Smith said...

Thought you might appreciate this:


Because it had to be done.

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...in the Theater of
Chaos it's sometimes hard to focus on the Big Picture. There are so many sideshows and distractions. But it's important to remember that one thing is a constant. Everything these Cons do is aimed at winning the next election...and hopefully a majority.
They have a huge war room, and a centralized control system that is practically totalitarian. And this summit is just another way to spread our money around for their electoral advantage.
And when you examine Harper's record two things stand out, his desire for control, and his determination to take government out of the picture...and prove Keynes wrong.
Put it all together and whether or not Harper wins that majority we'll be paying for this for the next twenty years...

Simon said...

hi Jennifer.. I saw it. Brilliant !!
It's scary to see the Cons spending money like water when the world's economy is so shaky, and we're already so deeply in debt. But of course it's totally planned, and entirely predictable...

penlan said...

"Has anyone ever read his bizarre master's thesis on pre-electoral spending and fiscal policy?"

Hi Simon,
Can you provide a link to this thesis, please?

Simon said...

hi penlan...it's been a while since university...but you can read an excerpt in this book:


penlan said...

Thanks Simon. :)