Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Cat in the Hat

Memo to Stephen Harper:

When you've closed down Parliament twice.

And acted more like a King or a Dictator than a Parliamentarian.

Don't pose for ridiculously staged shots like this one.

But what is the point of it?

To show the prime minister works?

To show he never stops working?

To show the prime minister was the last guy standing (or in this case sitting)?

To show he was ready to turn off the lights on this session? Close the door behind him?

Because it only adds insult to injury.

Memo to the poor little kitten:

Don't pose as a hipster, by wearing a tiny hat  in the house.

Because your mama don't like it...

Yikes. That was brutal eh?

But when I think of Great Ugly Leader wearing a tiny crown.

And I look at his latest poll numbers.


I can see some DEFINITE similarities...

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