Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kory Kornhole and Fox News North

Well now that Korny Kornhole has announced his plans for Sun TV  Fox News North Harper TV.

“Canadian TV news today is narrow, it’s complacent and it’s politically correct. It’s boring,” he said. “…Our aim is not to bore people to death. We’ll leave that to the CBC.”

And I've watched this ridiculous Conservative ad promotional video.

And I've read this sad story.

And I've taken another close look at this photo.

All I have to say is shouldn't Kornhole be running this kind of channel?

And why would he hook hire this BORING nerd?

Sources say Canadian right-wing pundit Ezra Levant is being courted to host one of the new station’s opinion shows.


When he could land this REALLY entertaining Con...

For the price of a case of ammunition and a barrel of chewing tabaccy.

 Golly. Poor Kornhole. When will he ever LEARN? 

The idiot.

That this is Canada not Amerika...


  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Not that it's much to add to this posting but I did notice that Kory's hair and clothing have improved greatly.

    I wonder if he's being paid with the money that would have gone to the fired and laid-off Sun chain workers.

    Ironic that Sun TV didn't cover the press conference on its own Toronto station. It was busy with a yoga program.

  2. Kory is right. Canadian news is boring compared to hot, divisive, and thought provoking action I can get by watching Jerry Springer. Canadian news can be boring unless we get the entertainment updates from Ben Mulroney about the cantering contestants on So, You Think You Can Dance, Canada.

    News around the world is boring. I watch BBC World and RT News from Russia. The Doha Debates on BBC World just doesn't have that Springer pie throwing, hair ripping excitement that Sun TV might provide. I'm so looking forward to Mud Wrestling with Ezra Levant. Imagine informative debates with mud flinging!

    One news magazine I like to read is the British The Economist. Yes, it's conservative, but it's also informative. It's a good conservative magazine that raises the intelligence of its readers. I wonder which end of the "intellometer" will Sun TV's Bubba News Channel lie. There are two meanings for lie, unless one wants to get into a grammatical debate about "lie" and "lay."

    Delie Sun TV's Bubba News Channel forever.