Saturday, June 12, 2010

Harper TV: Scary or Hilarious?

The other night when I made fun of Kory Kornhole's plans for a Fox Network North or Harper TV, I never thought anyone would take that redneck network seriously. Because it's just a joke.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a Conservative who works in market research in Toronto said right-wing talk shows – which are almost solely on local AM radio stations – tend to attract an older and downscale audience with far less disposable spending than advertisers prefer. “It’s not the demographic most national advertisers are going after and that’s why talk radio is in local markets.”

They don't have the market. They don't have the infrastructure.

Quebecor owns tiny Sun TV in Toronto and television properties in Quebec, but has little television infrastructure elsewhere across the country.

“The interesting question is, where would they get their material? Or would it be a channel solely devoted to people sitting around tables talking?” Waddell said. To do a real news channel is a big investment and lots of money.”

And even if the CRTC gives them the green light, which is doubtful.

“One of the problems they’re going to face is that there is actually an obligation in Canada — unlike the United States — to have some balance (in news reporting),” said Angus.“Having Kory anywhere near the project kind of blows that obligation out of the water.”

All they'll get is a speciality know like a porn channel.

And nobody but NOBODY is going to pay to watch Canada's Con klowns...

I mean REALLY.

Or watch whatever other cheap help they might recruit...

And what are they going to pay their guests...or bribe their viewers... with?

This gun nutters mug?

Watch us for FIVE minutes and you can have one too !!!!!

Oh boy.Now that we know that Korny Kornhole doesn't know anything about journalism...

Mr. Teneycke pulled no punches in defending his network, lashing out at Mr. Newman in return. He used his Twitter account on the Internet to label Mr. Newman “Canada’s answer to Helen Thomas.”

And that he STILL hasn't figured out that calling this half baked idea Fox News North will only make the Cons look more like Amerikans.

And you look at this picture...

And you think FISH.

Don't you think he should  be running this kind of channel instead?

Fox News North. Harper TV. Oooh isn't that scary?




ck said...

The Harpercon 24/7 Infomercial channel.

Love that cartoon of Dr Jabba the Roy in a body suit! I showed it to my husband and he's now traumatized! Poor thing. But Simon, with the arrogance of Dr Roy and such and obviously he just loves to be photographed, it needs to be blown up and distributed all over the web!

I've got to get back to my photoshopping spoofs. It's been a long time. However, I lose patience as my computer is just so excruciatingly slow! And since text doesn't work on my photoshop, I have to import the image to illustrator to do text...still...

I love your cartoons though!

Love that outhouse and the mug!

Jim Parrett said...

My answer - hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I think I now have a crush on Dr Roy. Simon how could you? ;P

ck said...

Oh Anonymous @11:23pm. YOu really don't get out much do you?

Dr jabba the Roy--Sex Symbol extraordinaire.

ck said...

Dr Roy---leading televise aerobics classes on Fox News North

Simon said...

hi CK...I'm glad you like my primitive art. I'm afraid I can't help myself. :)
The interesting thing about this story is that, according to Don Newman, Kory has been dreaming about a Fox News North since 2003. Back then the BushCons were at the height of their power. Like so many other Con nerds he assumed that the right's moment had arrived. That they were the future. Sadly for him that turned out not to be the case.
The idea that a Fox News North could succeed in Canada is therefore not only outdated it's ridiculous. And as I pointed out trying to recreate here could actually hurt the Cons by making them look even more pathetically Amerikan. And allowing progressives to paint themselves as true Canadians. The way I see it whatever way this works out it's a win-win situation for us... :)

Simon said...

hi Jymn...and the winner is...YOU !!!! :)
Actually this Foxy nonsense could make us all winners. If the CRTC nixes this application, and the Harper cabinet overrules that decision, that could only make the Cons look ever more hyper partisan, corrupt, and Amerikan.
As I told CK I don't think we can lose this one...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...please get a grip on yourself. No wait.I didn't mean that.
I'm sorry.I suppose it could be worse. I promise never to run a picture of the good doctor in a bikini... ;)