Monday, June 21, 2010

The Cons Ridiculous Global Bragging Tour

Uh oh. Worldwide Porker Alert. The Cons are heading out on a Global Bragging Tour. 

With Canada just days away from hosting the G20 and G8 leaders’ summits, a team of federal cabinet ministers, led by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, hits the road Monday for an international tour to boast about the nation’s record during the financial crisis and how other economies should look to Canada for leadership in the post-crisis era.

I suppose the obvious question is why would those porkers waste even more money by waddling out to meet the world, when the world is coming to them next week?

But asking that question is of course as useless as asking why they would build a fake lake when there is a real lake right next to place where the leaders will be meeting.

One that judging by this picture I took this afternoon, is looking prettier more sinister safer every day.

And then there's that other obvious question: what on earth gave the porkers the right to do any bragging? When these facts speak for themselves:

(1) The Cons didn't didn't eliminate the deficit, the Liberals did. All the Harperites have done so far is take an $18-billion surplus and turn it into a $60-billion structural deficit.

And counting...

(2) The Cons had nothing to do with regulating the banks. On the contrary Harper and his funny money gang used to howl and scream and talk in tongues about how EVERYTHING should be de-regulated.

And then of course there's the question NOBODY dares ask.

Because it's too embarrassing eh?

Why oh why are they sending Jason Kenney to London?

Fortunately for what's left of our dignity, the answer to that one is easy. They are just doing a little campaigning, hoping if they repeat the Big Lie that they are good financial managers, Canadians will believe them.

When of course they won't. Not after the fake lake. So why are they making fools out of themselves...with OUR money?

Answer: Because they are desperate.

How desperate? Oh VERY desperate.

Just ask the Cons...

Golly. It takes a lot of bucks to make a boondoggle, it takes a lot of eggs to make an omelet.

The Cons are quaking in their boots shells.

And I'm getting HUNGRY !!!!

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