Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Day the Gorilla Show Turned Violent

I missed the peaceful G20 protest because I had to work, but I couldn't avoid this one.

I was just trying to go home.

I tried to give the The Fence a wide berth.

Because now you can be arrested for just getting too close to it.

But no matter what street I took I kept getting blocked by these guys.

Then I'd walk another block only to run into another group of police officers.

One moment they would hold back a crowd of mostly peaceful protesters, curiousity seekers, and those just trying to go about their business.

In their locked down city.

The next moment they'd let them surge past them.

Only to block their path again.

And my way home.

With another line of riot police.

So I'm not surprised that a small group of mindless anarchist  was able to go on a rampage in this police state atmosphere of total chaos.

Or that so many other people are also angry at  being treated like The Enemy in the place where they live. Because I know how they feel, and I don't blame them. 

Just like I don't really blame the police officers either because they are just following orders. But innocent people are getting roughed up.

So all I can say is that everything that happened today was totally PREDICTABLE.

And this is only adding insult to injury.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office condemned the violence. In a statement, Dimitri Soudas said free speech is a principle of Canada's democracy, but "the thugs that prompted the violence earlier today represent in no way, shape or form the Canadian way of life."

Because this isn't my Canada either.

And Stephen Harper is entirely to blame for his criminally irresponsible decision to hold a summit in the heart of Canada's biggest city.

If he didn't know this might happen he's an idiot and should be dismissed for gross incompetence.

If he did, and he thought he might win some votes in Toronto with his phony law and order agenda, he should be ARRESTED.

Oh well. I finally made it home. It's raining now. The situation is cooling.

But if Harper thinks he can get away with this boondoggle of a gorilla show, he is sadly mistaken.

For we will REMEMBER...

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