Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beginning of the End of the Harper Cons?

You should have seen Stephen Harper in Question Period today. The sweat running down his pancake makeup. Answering every question with an attack on a coalition that doesn't even exist.

The increasingly crazed and desperate leader of a government that is now borderline legitimate.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would lose 23 seats - mostly from Ontario and British Columbia - and only be holding on to government by their fingernails, under new seat projections by EKOS Research.

EKOS pollster Frank Graves describes the Harper government under his scenario as a “borderline legitimate government.”

Which of course I believe is far too generous. But who cares? With the buzzards circling, the lake leaking, and the worst best still to come.

The G20 summit and the accompanying G8 summit a day earlier in Huntsville, which Harper had once hoped would be so successful that he could tout them during his campaign for re-election, may well signal the beginning of the end of Harper’s reign.

Oh dear. Caught between a rock and a hard place security fence. Damned for the money he has spent on a caviar and shrimp photo-op to make himself look pretty.The vain bitch. Damned for the money he didn't spend to help the poor women of the world.

Harper’s proposal to fund maternal health programs in poor countries, which was to be his G8 legacy piece, is exploding in his face due to his refusal to allow Canadian funds to be used to provide abortions for women.

A new Canadian Press-Harris Decima poll conducted in early May and released this week found 58 per cent of those polled opposed his decision on abortion funding to developing countries.That’s up significantly from 46 per cent in March.

The callous misogynist bastard.

And can you IMAGINE what Canadians are going to say when he starts slashing social programs here at home? And Canadians say had money for a fake lake, and now you don't have enough money for MEDICARE?

Oooh. I'm getting goosebumps. The buzzards are going wild. And look not ANOTHER financial scandal?

One that could also shine a light on the sinister theocons in the PMO who orchestrated the takeover of Rights and Democracy. Talk about a BONUS !!!

And don't forget the Auditor General is auditing the stinky Porky Action Plan...

And you just KNOW that porker production is going to make the Liberal sponsorship scandal look like chump change...or a purse snatching. Allo Police?

Oh boy. I can't stand much more good news. So much for Great Economist Faker Fiscal Maniac Leader. Once he lost the economy he lost EVERYTHING.

Golly. I always knew that we would eventually throw those Cons into the garbage can of history.

But now I think we're going to JAIL THEM.

OK. That's it. Sorry. I can't go on. Do you have any idea how long I have waited to see those ghastly thugs dragged through the streets of Ottawa in cages? 

While the mob pelts them with beer bottles and donuts, and  howls "Go jump in the fake lake eh? We want our money BACK!!!!!!!"   

It would be better than winning a billion dollars in the lottery eh?

So I just HAVE to get up and dance.

How does that song go?

Cue Jennifer and her friends...


  1. I'm glad someone brought up the social programs. No doubt Steve would cut them. Now he has an excuse; gov't has no money for 'em.

    What's even more weird is that many Harpercon cheerleaders, such as the Blogging SupposiTories are defending the expenses (not the true Libertarian-ish type who are bristling; the hardcore Steve fans who are socons), as they have painted a picture of dangerous protesters, perhaps even terrorists.

    I don't get why such a summit is being held in a major urban center to begin with. Even a protester who was on the radio once said that it was absurd to put this shindig in TO.

    One thing I do hope for though, is that after Steve categorically refused to charge that proposed bank tax to protect everyone from future economic crisis and the world leaders see how much money was spent on both shindigs, as well as the fake lake, that when Steve starts telling these leaders (particularly ones from EU) to cut their spending in half or reduce their deficits in short order, they tell him exactly where to go.

    Funny how all focus on EU now and not the U.S. when it comes to deficits. Oh yeah! Steve is perhaps jealous of some of their social programs which make us look, well, like the States.

  2. This is a nice summary of the difficulties Peevey Stevie is having at the moment. I hope this summit over-spending is at least good for drying up some of those contributions that seem to flood in for them. If this bad taste remains in the mouths of the hardcore right-wingers who voted him into power, maybe next election they'll stay home in droves.