Saturday, June 05, 2010

Elton John, Rush Limbaugh, and the Gun Registry

Oh boy. You know it's a confusing world.

 When a gay man sings for a homophobe.

Maybe it was a bout of temporary amnesia brought on by a sudden increase in cash flow, since Page2Live says Rush is reportedly paying Elton more than $1 million to perform?

And a feminist attacks the gun registry.

If some of the rural NDP MPs break ranks with their party and vote to ditch the Long Gun Registry, they will be doing so in direct response to their constituents, not to further some dimwitted cultural crusade.

Dimwitted cultural crusade? Who knew eh? I thought it was a lot more than that.

And my definition of dimwitted includes those too dumb or lazy to fill out a form.

But then like most Canadians I'm an urban dweller.

And I'm from Montreal...

Where the legacy of those murdered women is not a dimwitted cultural crusade. It's a sacred  bloody CAUSE.

Oh well. Live and learn. It's only the internet eh?

And it's only because I want a kinder, gentler, world that some things mean a lot to me. Maybe more than they should.

But still...

When I first saw this video that wasn't released for years because it was considered too gay.

I used to play it all the time...

Now I'll never play it again. Even though I still love it.

Live and learn. It's a confusing world.

Don't shoot it's only Simon !!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone...


  1. I like JJ's stuff very much. i make a point of reading her.

    But she's wrong on the gun registry.

    Keeping it is good policy and good politics.

    If Layton doesn't whip the vote he will be on the wrong side of the gun wackos who will vote for the Tory party that repealed the gun registry.

    The NDP will also be on the wrong side of the wackos' wives who know why the gun registry is important and won't support a candidate who voted for repeal.

    Ask a rural woman if she hasn't worried about the risk of domestic gun violence impacting a friend or colleague. The response should confirm the need for strict gun control, including a gun registry.

  2. Hi CfSR...I have this same argument with some of my dearest friends. At first I used to argue it's not a boondoggle, it's administered well these days, and at four million bucks a year it's a bargain. Then I told them it's used about a thousand time a day and it makes police officers and paramedics feel safer. Now I don't usually say anything. But they know how I feel... ;)

    P.S. Congratulations for your excellent blogging on this subject.

  3. We meet again, CfSR. I share your's and Simon's disappointment as well.

    If the NDP made any tracks in Montreal with Thomas Mulcair, they just lost them. Simon, being from Montreal, you must know there is a tiny park; a small patch of green space with a bench and not much more off Queen Mary and Decelles (approx; a little south of QM; across from Notre Dames des Neiges cemetery)named simply Parc le 6 decembre, 1989 and under the sign is a short synopsis of the tragedy.

    The Polytechnique survivors are very active these days.

    Yes, Jack may well keep his rural and western seats but if these MPs continue to vote for c391, it will cost him many other urban seats in addition to Outremont.

    As for Elton John playing private shows for Rush Limbaugh...well...there are simply no words for that

  4. Anonymous12:29 AM

    I'm trying to think of a statement about two aging queens (referring to Elton playing Rush's wedding).

    Words fail me--in more than one way.

  5. Big disappointment with EJ and JJ. Never had much respect for EJ but have always liked JJ's stuff.

    Self-interest should not always triumph over the well being of the whole but it unfortunately usually does.

  6. hi CK...yes I know that little park very well. I wrote about it here:

    Some things I can forgive or forget. And some things I can't...

  7. hi know if he was a struggling artist I might understand. But a gay millionaire playing for a homophobe one is simply unforgivable...

  8. hi Jymn...I am definitely more angry with Elton John than I ever could be with JJ, who I love and respect.
    But as I recently told ALL my gun loving friends, because they feel so strongly about the issue, I have had to bite my tongue, so as not to upset them, or get them going about how the Big Bad Govinment is going to take away their guns.
    But if they insist on supporting this whipped ReformCon proposal to kill the registry now it's their turn to hear how strongly I feel. They know I'm as stubborn as they are, so I'm sure they're not surprised... ;)

  9. Anonymous2:29 PM

    that's boomers for ya peace love and ME ME ME.

  10. You've got that wrong Anon. It's peace and love for all of us. And oh, some of us are armed. So blow it out your ear, you agist.

  11. hi anonymous...I don't think that it's a generational issue. In Elton John's case I think it's just greed. Too much shopping. ;)
    And as for gun lovers they come in all sizes and ages. Part of it is the great urban-rural divide. But most of the gun lovers I know live in cities.
    So who knows. One thing I do know, I'm not arguing with them anymore.They are entitled to their views. But I don't care where they come from or how old they are, I'm right and they're WRONG... :)

  12. hi WILLY...I'm sure anonymous didn't mean it that way so don't shoot him/her please. ;)
    As you know I try to make this blog a place where people of ages feel welcome.
    And I personally do believe in peace and love for ALL.
    However I should add that I work in a place full of people of all ages, and I hear more older people putting down the young than I do the other way around.
    And sometimes I wonder whether some older Canadians buy guns because they find the young threatening. Oh well... I'd rather not think about that. My humble aim is to unite good people of all ages and convince them we're stronger TOGETHER...