Sunday, June 06, 2010

Michael Ignatieff and the Beanstalk

I can't tell you how happy I am to see  Michael Ignatieff come up with a novel almost new good idea.

And just in the nick of time eh?

Because I have to admit I was getting a bit  worried.

Liberals who saw in Ignatieff’s public intellectual persona the potential to race up a steep political learning curve now see only a surprisingly empty vessel tossed by uncertainty. 

Ignatieff has lost his personal compass and seems physically exhausted.

But now all is forgiven.

“Co-operation between parties to produce political and electoral stability is not illegitimate. It’s never been illegitimate, it’s part of our system,”

Because at this point that's all I ever wanted him to say. And he should have said it long ago.

Instead of allowing Stephen Harper to get away with demonizing the word coalition.

While he sucked the life out of this country...

But now we finally have the weapon to beat bite that ugly vampire in the ass.

Because you see at this stage never mind the details it's the IDEA that counts. And it's a good one. The only way for a divided left to convincingly defeat a united right without actually merging.

The seed was planted during the coalition crisis. It has been fertilized and watered by what's happening in Britain. The more people talk about it the more normal it will seem.

And from that little seed could spring a mighty beanstalk...

That could take us ALL back to a beautiful place called Canada.

And the more Stephen Harper cries wolf. Or the Giant is coming !!!! The Giant is coming !!!!

The more ridiculous and CRAZED he will appear. Because once a good idea has taken root NOTHING can stop it.

Oh those degenerate AmeriCons will try to turn back the clock. They'll swing their tiny axes, and spew bile out of their pustulent pie holes.

But like their monster leader, they too will only look ridiculous.

Like a second third rate cabaret act.

Trapped in a time warp...

And in the end they all fell down.


Grow little beanstalk.

Reach up and touch the sky...

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