Friday, June 04, 2010

The Con War on Gay People Claims More Victims.

I knew when Stephen Harper and his Theocons declared war on gay people, that others would be sure to follow.

Because when a government treats an oppressed minority like second-class citizens, it sends out a message: these faggots are less than human so it's OK to attack them.

And sure enough it's happening. All across the country. An explosion of violence.

Like this one in Windsor.

A 27-year-old Amherstburg man is facing hate crime and assault charges following an altercation downtown, when two openly gay men were allegedly ridiculed and punched in the face.

So soon after this one.

On May 21, Chris Rabideau, a member of Windsor's gay community, was attacked downtown in a robbery while his assailants hurled homophobic slurs.

Two people have been charged but a hate crime charge was not laid in that case because police did not believe Rabideau was targeted because of his sexual orientation.

Oh really? 

Tell that to Chris Rabideau...

"Many people around me have told me not to come forward and talk about this yet, but I see the urgency of doing it now," Rabideau said. "I want people to see the face of hate."

Or Shannon Barry in Edmonton.

Shannon Barry, 31, suffered a broken jaw, a crushed left eye socket and facial nerve damage after being kicked in the face early Saturday by a man who hurled sexual epithets at her before the attack.

Or how about this disturbing story.

A gay man living on Manitoba's largest First Nations community believes he's the victim of a hate crime after his home was recently torched.

And all of this and more happened... in Canada... in the last TWO months. 

You know I can't prove that the Con war on gay people is fuelling this epidemic of violence. But all I know is that in many civilized countries governments are doing all they can to fight homophobia.

While Stephen Harper's Cons are not only doing nothing, they are homophobes themselves. 

But that's OK. We will remember. We will resist these bullies.

They might be able to fool a lot of Canadians.

But they will NEVER fool us...


thwap said...

You're absolutely right Simon. The government certainly helps to swerve public opinion.

Militarism, homophobia, anti-feminism.

These are the "anti-values" that the harpercons and their supporters treasure, and when the government displays its hatred for all to see, it empowers the stoops in the broader society.

It's why they have to be defeated, as you say.

Fillibluster said...

All this right wing crap has a trickle-down effect. I am very worried about our country. We must stop Harper and his religious fanatics.

Simon said...

hi know when I go to Europe I see all kinds of anti-homophobia ads on TV, in subways, and even in soccer stadiums. But in all my life I have never seen a single ad here. The same thing goes for bullying although there has been some improvement in that area...but only thanks to teachers and students.
These Cons play political games to feed their base but they forget or don't care that their actions have consequences.
And yes they absolutely must be defeated...

Simon said...

hi Fillibluster...yes it sure does have a trickle down a crack in a sewage pipe. And of course the longer they are out there polarizing Canadians with their disgusting wedge issues, the more they damage our country.
The main thing is not to be discouraged. Our progressive vision of Canada is a better nobler plan for our country and we WILL prevail...