Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Triumph of the Coalition Idea

As I said the other night.

You can't kill a good idea.

If you water it.

It will grow.

A new poll suggests more than half of Canadians favour some sort of co-operation between the federal Liberals and New Democrats.

Twenty-eight per cent of those surveyed favoured a non-compete pact between the two parties, wherein they would agree not to run candidates against each other in some ridings across the country.

Fourteen per cent favoured a Liberal-NDP coalition government after the next election, while 13 per cent said they'd prefer an outright merger of the two parties prior to the election.

It has been demonized by the Pig Man, made to appear like some wild idea, instead of a sensible, smart, and common one.

But now the Con sheep are shitting in their jackboots woollies.

Another 30 per cent – including 50 per cent of Conservative supporters – said they would rather that the two parties not co-operate at all.

And who can blame them eh?

They know that the sooner progressives cooperate with each other, the sooner these AmeriCons will be off to the mutton factory. Never to return.

Oh boy. You know that little coalition beanstalk has been given so little water it's amazing it didn't wither and die.

But then you can't kill a good idea whose time has come.
History is on the march. And so are we.

Can we do what we need to do to save our country? Yes. We. Can

Together we can do ANYTHING...

C'mon brothers and sisters, seize the moment.

Unite to break the back of this foul fascist government.

Make Canada clean again...

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