Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Con Pigs and the Vuvuzela Parliament

The Third Session of the 40th Parliament is almost over. And not a moment too soon.

The juvenile antics were everywhere.The prelude to the daily question period in the Commons was fogged with the MP equivalent of schoolboys cupping hands in their armpits and squeezing to replicate a gaseous expulsion.

Because surely it must be the most disgusting example of democracy corrupted this country has ever seen. Stephen Harper and his political thugs set out to prove to prove that a minority Parliament can't work, and they turned it into a pig pen.

Dissent was muzzled or drowned out. The truth was covered up. The Cons parroted their talking points like redneck totalitarians:

Conservatives who came into the afternoon accusing the opposition of "gutting" the pardons bill managed to have two backbenchers ask identically worded, leading questions on the issue of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

"Neither victims nor law-abiding Canadians think it is acceptable for notorious criminals to be pardoned while the opposition continues to play political games in Ottawa," Tories Greg Rickford and Cathy McLeod intoned no more than three minutes apart.

How fitting that these porkers should end the session squealing about Karla Homolka, because how low can you go? But still the Cons got away with everything. The divided opposition went nowhere. 

John Baird was named Parliamentarian of the Year.  

And to me it all started to look and sound like this...

Except I couldn't turn off that Con vuvuzela sound when I'd had enough.

Like I can this one.

It may sound great in a soccer stadium, or not. But in a Parliament it's sounds like democracy being strangled.

From the moment the Conservatives botched their own Throne Speech by suggesting rewording the national anthem to remove a gender reference, a proposal quickly reversed, their performance has been a bounce between gaffes and missteps.

But the opposition has responded so feebly, the government’s popularity has actually gone up five points in most polls since Parliament’s return in early March.

School's out for the Pig Parliament. Let's hope it was a learning experience, because Canada can't take much more. We must use the time to find new ways to join forces and defeat the Cons.  

Just like I'm going to use the time to write about other things.

The nightmare is over for now, and the summer is just beginning...

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