Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stephen Harper and the G20 Losers

OK. Let's face it eh? Everybody lost at Stephen Harper's piggy party.

The decent people of Toronto who were intimidated, brutalized, denied their civil rights.

And caged like animals.

Police Chief Bill Blair, who once had a reputation as a progressive cop, but now looks like a bully, a liar, and an idiot.

In an attempt to bolster support, Toronto Police displayed a range of weapons – from a machete and arrows to gas masks and cans of spray paint – that officers seized from G20 summit protesters.

However, police also included objects taken from a Whitby, Ont., man who was heading to a role playing fantasy game in Centennial Park Saturday morning. As was reported by the Globe on Saturday, Brian Barrett, 25, was stopped at Union Station for wearing chain mail and carrying a bag with an archery bow, shield and graphite swords. His jousting gear was seized by police, but was on display Tuesday, even though he was not charged and police told a Globe reporter it was a case of bad timing.

The small shop owners  who had their windows smashed, because an army of police officers couldn't protect the city's busiest street, from a handful of anarchist goons.

Also on the list of losers the city's dying tourist industry...

Because you try telling people now that Toronto is a safe city, with a real lake, and a HOT music scene.

And of course the entire population of Canada who will be paying for this piggy party for YEARS.

It's all outrageous, and we definitely need a public inquiry.

But right now I need a day or two to recover from this Gorilla Show, and search for my sense of humour.... that I lost while being chased by a cop on a horse.

So I thought I'd start by sharing this video...

Because isn't nice to know that some losers are more loosers than others eh?

The bad news? That video is going VIRAL. So now they're laughing at us all over the world.

The good news? If we focus on blaming the man really responsible for this Gorilla Show debacle.

The loser of losers may finally lose his job. 

Before he gets a majority.

And does it all over again...

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