Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harper, the Donuts, and the Dust Storm

Sometimes three pictures ...and a video... really do tell a story.

At the United Nations Obama urges other nations to do more to fight climate change.

While in Australia the sky turns an apocalyptic red.

A warning of all the dust storms to come. From Sub Saharan Africa to the fields of Western Canada.

Meanwhile as the fate of the planet is being discussed where is Stephen Harper?

Playing cheap politics in a donut shop.

Gawd. Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous or vulgar? Is that REALLY a Canadian Prime Minister...or a Great Cruller Leader? And what kind of a crummy little donut shop are these Cons turning Canada into?

But what do we expect eh?

His father worked for Imperial Oil. Harper's first job was in that company's mail room. He has served Big Oil, and the Calgary dirty oil pimps all his life. He denied global warming was a problem. When he got a chance he knifed Kyoto bloody.

Now he wants a majority. So the oil pimps can run Canada like they run Alberta. And because we love our dirty oil, our cars, and our donuts so much, and have turned a donut chain into a tacky national symbol, it wouldn't take much more idiocy to give him one.

Which for some reason reminds me of this video of what it's like to be driving merrily along.

And suddenly find yourself in a world you don't recognize....

Like the dark world of a Harper majority.

Or the scorched world we will have to live in thanks to Cons like him

Stephen Harper. Bad for Canada. Bad for the planet.

Bad for EVERYONE....


  1. At least now we know where he was during those missed G20 photo ops.

  2. What a ridiculous choice of functions. Tim Horton's promotes junk food, non-fairtraded,crap coffee and junk food as well as promotes pollution and hence climate change problems by permitting morning motorists to idle while waiting for their morning fill.Mindless gluttony but it gets people spending.
    Meanwhile representatives of countries with too many starving people chose to attend and listen to leaders at the UN.

  3. hi Jennifer...Lordy. You're not suggesting that Stephen Harper had an unfortunate attack of diarrhoea after eating too many Timbits are you? That's practically TREASON. :)

  4. Anonymous12:46 AM

    If Harper were a store, he'd be Woolco. If he were dinnerware, he'd be MelMac. If he were an automobile, he'd be a Lada.

    The only good thing ever to come out of Leaside are the train tracks.

    The guy hasn't any class and he doesn't have a clue in a closet.

  5. Hi is ridiculous isn't it? What a cheap hustler. But of course if he had hung around New York somebody might have asked some embarrasing questions, and we can't have that can we?
    Now as to the question of Tim may be absolutely right but as I told Jennifer you do know it's TREASON?
    Your duty as a Canadian is to swill that swill around, take a deep gulp, and then sing Oh Canada. And this is your LAST warning.... :)

  6. hi Torontonian...I think I like the Lada one best. First you crank it up and then you get out and push it.
    And whatever you do don't inhale the fumes because they can be DEADLY.... :)
    And yes ...nobody but NOBODY could accuse Harper of having any class. And I'm absolutely sure nobody ever will....

    P.S. a MelMac ? What's dat?

  7. Anonymous3:58 AM

    MelMac is a brand of melamine dinnerware usually found in summer camps and soup kitchens. It is virtually unbreakable. Sometimes MelMac dinnerware is sectioned for the different elements of a meal much like the sectioned TV dinner serving tray.
    MelMac was the home planet for ALF, the alien on the NBC TV show of the same name.

    Perhaps this link will help you better understand:

  8. Wow, that is a huge huge sand storm. I am constantly amazed by what nature can do but this tops it all. It's so beautiful yet so dangerous. And Harper? He's nothing but a hill billy to me eating donuts rather than making real decision, what an embarrassment.

    Take care, Ella

  9. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Our leader: a True Donut Hole.

  10. Sanjo7:35 PM

    "Tacky national symbol" indeed. I mean, I don't care if someone likes Tim Hortons, but I am sick of it being elevated to such a quasi-religious level. (Maybe it's partly because I used to work there.)

    Unfortunately this story fails to surprise me.

  11. hi torontonian...and thanks for that. You're an awesome font of information. Who knew ALF came from there? :)

    P.S. But is it microwave safe?

  12. hi Ella...yes it is an amzing picture when you see it looming up ahead like a mountain range. If you click on the YouTube you'll find in the sidebar a longer version which takes them into a red world. But it has no sound, and I figured the one I ran was long ernough to get the idea across. :)
    As for Harper...hilly billy is too kind...

  13. hi anonymous...I have to admit I did toy with the idea of saying something rude about the hole in the donut...
    I managed to restrain myself but believe me it wasn't easy... :)

  14. Anonymous1:06 AM

    MelMac is microwave-safe.
    I watched the occasional ALF program when it was on in the '80s,
    and it was said often that ALF was from MelMac.

  15. hi sanjo...yes I agree with you. On a long drive, in the middle of winter, and the middle of nowhere, the sight of a Tim Hortons looming out of the darkness can be a welcome sight.
    But turning a donut chain into some kind of rah rah Canadian symbol...from here to Assghanistan..really is the LIMIT...