Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Harper's Little Stooge Bites the Dust

Well I see that Stephen Harper's little stooge in Quebec has gone down the big crapper.

Awwwwww. Isn't that AWFUL? It couldn't happen to an uglier guy.


He refused to criticize Great Monster Leader's attack on democracy. He refused to endorse the mighty Coalition for Change which is incredibly popular in Quebec.

Once he was the Boy Wonder. Then he became Canada's Le Pen stirring up feelings against immigrants. Or accusing schoolboards of waging war on Christmas.

Now he's just this guy.

The next stop for this klown? The Conservative Party of Canada...because you can't get any more LOSER than that.

In two elections, in two months, Quebecers have DESTROYED the Cons.

Now it's English Canada's turn...


P.S. Harper's rabid attack on Quebec gave the PQ a big boost. So now he's not just a monster. He's a separatist TOOL...


  1. That's one of the only good things coming out of this election : getting rid of this demagogue who exploited the worst instincts of Quebecers. See what a coward he is, abandoning his post now that it's clear he's never going to be in power.

    He sure would fit in well with Harper.

    The other good thing about this : we'll have a Quebec solidaire PM in parliement.. Wouhou! For once, we'll have someone really speaking for the little man over there,

    I've known M. Khadir wife several years ago, working at the same research institute, and they're real decent people who care. It will be a nice change.

  2. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Looks like Mario is Harpo with ze Quebecois accen'. Plays to people's worst nature, then throws a frizzy when he doesn't get absolute power, absolutely. Feh. Nice to know that both Quebec AND the "West" (Alberta, mainly) produce such inspiring scions...

  3. Hi Enkidu's Palace...yes I must say I quite enjoyed his unfortunate demise. Especially when I saw him on Radio Canada comparing his party to an all-terrain vehicle that had got a bit banged up exploring new territory !!! :)
    I wish Robert Bourassa was around to hear that one....

  4. Hi Bina...actually even Mario wasn't as bad as Harpo. At least until the last couple of years when he turned into Quebec's Le Pen....although not as bad as the real one.
    Because Quebec could never be as racist as Alberta.
    Mario was just a little right-wing prick who was always going NOWHERE...