Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bin Laden's Driver and the Great War on Terror

I don't know about you but I'm feeling a little safer tonight. One of those nasty terrorists at the Guantanamo Hilton has finally been convicted.

Who says waterboarding doesn't work?

Even if it's only Osama's driver. One of his MANY drivers. And everyone else got away.

Still, I guess when it comes to the Great War on Terror every small victory counts. And besides you can't be TOO careful.

He might have tried to drive his car ...or his camel ..... all the way from Assghanistan to Amerika. And since like most Afghans he can't read a map, he might have attacked Canada by mistake.

Then we'd be scared of EVERYTHING like the Americans are, and wouldn't that be a bummer? Eh?

So what I want to know now is..... when are they going to arrest Osama's cook?

I hear he puts so much Spicy Jihadi sauce into his infidel stew, Bin Laden's farts are practically a biological weapon.

And what about the guy who irons his turban? He must know EVERYTHING.

And while we're at it... what about his vocal coach?

Because this is SCARY....

I don't know what that Numa Numa stuff means.

But it sounds DANGEROUS.

As the Dark Lord Dick Cheney always says.

In the Great War on Terror you can't be too careful.

Or too CRAZY...


P.S. Now that they've nailed the you think they'll convict the child soldier ?


  1. I hadn't seen that Khadr battlefield pic. That boy rose from the dead! Maybe he's the Messiah?

  2. I live in suburban Maryland, and here we have a lot of Mexicans. And they all speak Spanish! Why would they not speak English unless they don't want up knowing what they're saying?!

  3. In all seriousness though, I am appalled at what is being heaped on Omar Khadr. In the relentless societal fear-frenzy that has accompanied the aftermath of 9/11 it is far to easy to tag Khadr as the "Author of his own misfortune" when attempting to understand how and why this boy found himself on a battlefield in Afghanistan. It is a disingenuous label that was once applied to one Donald Marshall, Jr. here in Nova Scotia when that young Mi'kmaq was wrongfully convicted of murder and subsequently spent 12 years of his life in prison back in the 70s. Fair and just jurisprudence must find Omar Khadr not guilty as it eventually found the same verdict with Donald Marshall. Uncovering this 'miscarriage of justice' that Omar Khadr has most assuredly endured is our best defence in protecting our so very fragile democracy.

  4. Hi Omar !! Yes the battlefield pic really is amazing. They say they could see his heart beating. And remember BEFORE he was shot he was already riddled with shrapnel.It's a very sad story.Everyone from the Taliban to the Guantanamo guards portray him as a decent kid pathetically trying to please older father figures. His own father was a maniac fanatic and terrorist who led his entire family to disaster. Omar never had a choice like most child soldiers.
    That's why I think his case should be a no-brainer. I can't believe it turned into a partisan issue. The fact that after all of that he remains a young guy who prefers Disney comics to the Koran is frankly amazing. Whatever anyone thinks of his twisted family Omar should be brought back to the land where he was born. I don't care whether you're a right-winger or a left-winger it's the only right and CANADIAN thing to do.

  5. Hi Woozie....yes I know...Lou Dobbs told me...when they're not trying to poison us with shitty tomatoes...they're speaking in code!!!! But luckily I speak Spanish and I know what they really want....The Alamo !!!
    Where's Davy Crockett when we need him ? :)