Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Canada's Parliament is Really Dysfunctional

Well oink oink. Great Pig Leader says it's time for an election because Parleement is dysfunctional.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday he will not govern over a “dysfunctional” Parliament and warned for the first time he could take matters into his own hands and force the country into a fall election.

Even as his Con swine turn a Parliamentary committee into a barnyard.

So do the rest of us want an election? I guess it depends on whether you think the glass is half full.

The Harris-Decima poll released late on Wednesday by Canadian Press put the Liberals at 33 percent and the Conservatives at 32 percent. The same company found the Liberals ahead 31 percent to 30 percent a little more than a month earlier. The left-leaning New Democrats stand at 15 percent and the Greens at 6 percent.

Or half empty.

A new poll suggests Canadians prefer Conservatives over Liberals when it comes to leadership and most major issues - even though that preference has not translated into popular support for the governing party.

The even more depressing part? Forget about Parliament. Our whole political system is dysfunctional.

At a critical time in the history of Canada...when we are faced with the possibility of a Harper majority that would change this country beyond side is united and the other is not.

If you add the support for the Libs(31) the NDP (15) and the Greens (6) together, the centre-left crushes the Cons 52-32.

If the left was united it wouldn't even be close. But because of differences so small you would have a hard time squeezing a credit card between them. Or because everyone wants a perfect Cinderella's slipper....they only end up fighting themselves. Or fragmenting their message.

While Great Pig Leader and his swine hordes hijack the country, and harness it to their evil neocon agenda, with only 32 percent of the vote. What's wrong with that picture?

In Europe third-parties are losing ground and are seen by many as self defeating. In these polarized times where a clear message is everything, the move to a two party system seems inevitable. So the left will have to unite one day whether it wants to or not.

At least that's my humble opinion.

All I know is the Con pigs must be defeated if Canada is to survive.

Politics is not a buffet.

And I loves BACON....

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