Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Westboro Baptist Church Invades Canada

Sometimes life can be so ironic. After all our heroic efforts to stop the Taliban from taking over Canada and installing an Islamic Republic.

We couldn't even stop the Westboro Baptist Church from crossing the border.

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day's office had sent an alert to border patrol to "look out" for people with signs and pamphlets that fit the hateful messages that the church promotes and to keep them out of the country.

"They were looking for leaflets, which we don't do, and signs, which we do, but we have Federal Express," said Ms. Phelps-Roper. "Our guys are safely tucked away."

Duh. So much for our Minister of Public Safety.

But then Stockwell Day is a SoCon who believes dinosaurs walked with humans, he's a rabid homophobe, and they don't call him Doris for nothing. So is it idiocy or a CONSPIRACY? Who knows.

What I do know is that now that the Christianists are in Manitoba...the beating vulnerable heart of Canada...NOBODY is safe.

Because unlike the Taliban, who couldn't find Canada on a map if they tried, these crazies REALLY hate us...

Canada Land of the Sodomite damned?

Golly. Who knew? Why didn't somebody warn me? I'm not leaving the house from now on without SIX pairs of underpants.

The good news?

Ever since that unfortunate fire.

Crazy Daddy hasn't been his usual self....

So now I'm wondering.....if we can't nail him for hatemongering, insurance fraud, or insanity.

Or arrest him for hanging the Canadian flag upside down.

Can we declare him a fake gay refugee and deport him? Like all the others.

Or can we just do what the damned sodomites would do? And kick his enlarged ass all the way back to Kansas?

I don't know about you.

But I vote for that one....


P.S. Will someone please inform the "Faggy Nazi Regime" in Ottawa that the wingnuts are slandering them?

I'm laughing too much....


Anonymous said...

Hard really to tell the difference between Fred Phelps and Stockwell Day, both batshit insane fundamentalist shitballs.

Simon said...

Hi waterboy!!!!! Where have you been? I missed you. I thought you had fallen off your boat. :)
I wonder why you haven't been blogging for a while. I'm sure you have a good maybe getting a life unlike us blogging fanatics.
But we do need every gay voice we can get you know...
Anyway you're right as usual about Stockwell Day. I find it quite amusing to see a wretched homophobe
like him trying to prevent other homophobes from entering Canada. He's just trying to get brownie points for keeping the Phelps gang away from the Tim McLean funeral.
If it wasn't for that he'd probably be seding a limo to meet them. I mean Minister of Public Security? Not if you're a gay person he's not....

Anonymous said...

i wish we had fag officials to be honest. that'd be hawt.