Saturday, August 30, 2008

John McCain and The Barracuda

So I'm sitting in a Florida airport this morning and I'm really cooked. It's so hot and humid outside it feels like a hundred degrees. I don't know how I survived. And now I'm not sure I will.

Two dangerous looking gangsta types are having a loud argument right in front of me and S├ębastien. I'm thinking uh oh this is bad. I'm in Amerika. I've seen it on the First 48. First come the angry words.... and then comes the gunfire.

Then I look up at the TV and there is John McCain introducing The Barracuda.

And suddenly I'm not worried about the gangstas anymore. I'm laughing my fucking ass off. And so are the gangstas !!!

I mean really.

Is John McCain, who is 72- years-old and has had four episodes of a deadly skin cancer, seriously suggesting that Sarah Palin, who less than two years ago was mayor of some rube village somewhere in Alaska, and who he has only met once, should be left one faltering heartbeat away from the Presidency?

A woman who is being investigated for abusing her powers in the case of her brother-in-law and her sister's messy divorce. Who says Eye-ran and Eye-rak, and admits she doesn't have a clue what a Vice President does?

And if so....and McCain actually thinks he's made a brilliant maverick move.... who is the village idiot I wonder ? Or is Poppy's judgement impaired by creeping dementia?

Never mind the fact that he is undermining his own argument about Obama's lack of experience.

But does he really think he can win over disaffected Hillary supporters with a religious fanatic creationist who wouldn't allow abortion even in the case of rape and incest ?

But who would allow oil companies to drill ANYWHERE, and loves guns more than polar bears.

Who says they aren't threatened, even though they are drowning.

Won't that make a nice campaign ad?

The only thing I regret is that Hillary won't get a chance to debate Palin because she would OBLITERATE her.

But that's more than made up for by my sheer joy at watching the Republicans and the Blogging Tories twisting in the wind......trying to turn shit into gold.

Huh? Could they be googling frantically because they've never heard of this rube? The idiot wingnut who could be ONE heartbeat away from the Presidency. *Shudder*

Look I don't know how bad this is going to get...I'm hoping really ugly. But two things are for sure.

One....Poppy just showed everyone what rotten judgement he has.

And the Democrat Disco tonight.....

They'll be playing this song.

And who can blame them?

Poppy just committed Poppy-kiri. Put on your party hats everyone !!!

This campaign is OVER.

Before it even began....

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