Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John McCain Plays the Race Card Again

When John McCain put out the "celebrity" ad with Obama, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, I argued that it contained a subliminal message.

A subtle but nasty one.

Well now he's put out another ad.

And this one ain't subtle at all.

It's OBVIOUS....

One black man, five white women, and two guys.

And one of the guys says "hot chicks dig Obama."

What do you think that's really about? Really.

First it was just plain envy. Now it's hot white chicks envy. Can you imagine how many horny rednecks they could motivate with that one?

As well as, of course, debase the political process, and deflect attention from more serious questions.

Like, for example, asking John McCain whether he would REALLY go to war with the Russians?

And is he crazy...... or just an old idiot?

Who never met a lobbyist he didn't love. Even though he's ALWAYS trying to quit them. Gets his foreign policy from Wikipedia and a wild Banana Republic in the bloodthirsty Caucasus. Believes in Total War. And has a REALLY bad temper.

This dangerous, corrupt, and now racist tool wants to be President of the United States? And with three months to go it's too close to call ?

Fan me with a shovel. Or beat me on the head with it.

Could The Amerikan Idiots really win?

The suspense is KILLING me....

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Anonymous said...

you have to pity the americans , really, because they are like us and have no one great to vote for. still...mccain? oh brother, i smell marshall law from 10 paces. i'm sure his campaign buddies are having fun but ad against mccain would be TOO easy where these guys are having to's like a resurection of JFK and being able to get away with it.

hmm...i wonder what the anti JFK campaign looked like?