Friday, August 15, 2008

The Video John McCain Doesn't Want to See

As if the crisis in Georgia wasn't scary enough.

The crisis in the former Soviet republic of Georgia seems made to order for John McCain. It has allowed the likely Republican presidential nominee to show his foreign-policy chops and talk tough.

For now, it's a winning issue for McCain. The Russian-Georgian conflict's impact on the presidential race could depend on whether it is a one-week story or a three-month story.

Talk about caca in the Caucasus. Three months isn't a lot of time. The question is what to do about it?

We could point out that a guy who gets his foreign policy advice from a lobbyist for the Georgian government isn't the kind of President you can trust.

Or point out , as Andrew Sullivan does, that McCain is lost in the past.

A thoroughly twentieth-century figure, he lives and breathes war and conflict as a state of being. For him, it is always 1938 somewhere; America's duty is to control, occupy or intervene wherever any rival seeks influence and any group does not share our alleged values. And so American power must be brought to bear in Georgia and Iraq and Iran and Burma and Darfur and Bosnia and anyplace else where American interests are threatened or democratic allies seek help. And for militarist American exceptionalists, this all makes sense. This is the higher purpose McCain lives for: the glory of liberation, the thrill of conquest, the adoration of the soldier, the defeat of evil.

Or we can just save a lot of words and run videos like this one....

Yup. Definitely. An election campaign isn't a kindy garden.

Just like it isn't 1938.

I love Georgia on my Mind AND Dr Strangelove.

But World War Three is such a bummer.

I love this video better...

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