Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Inflatable Dog Turd

When Stephen Harper's foul Cons can stoop so low as to cover up for human rights abusers.

Or draw up a ridiculous hit list like this one

The federal government will cancel a program today that sent artists abroad to promote Canadian culture because the program's grant recipients included "a general radical," "a left-wing and anti-globalization think-tank" and a rock band that uses an expletive as part of its name.

Which could have come straight out of the McCarthy era.

Or make a mockery of our Parliamentary institutions.

You really have to wonder what's going on in the PMO.

And what's it doing in Switzerland?

An inflatable dog turd the size of a house has blown away from a modern art exhibition in a Swiss museum before bringing down an electricity line and smashing a greenhouse window.

Stephen Harper's Cons.

Turning Canada into a shithouse.

One turd at a time....

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