Tuesday, August 05, 2008

If Stephane Dion is Serious About an Election....

....and wants his Green Shift to be a winning issue rather than a moving target for Stephen Harper and his Republican Cons.

He should take some time out from selling the plan. Badly.

And take a real close look at the way Barack Obama is fighting back against John McCain...

And then read what Kevin Drum has to say here.

More important is the basic message of the ad: McCain is in the pocket of big oil interests, just like the Bush/Cheney gang. As a one-off, this probably doesn't have much impact, but if it's a harbinger of things to come — and I assume it is — it holds huge promise. It's just like McCain's legendary series of flip-flops: on an individual basis they don't matter too much, but when you put them together into a coherent narrative they make a powerful story. After all, pretty much every McCain flip flop has a single source — changing his position to be more acceptable to the anti-tax, big business, Christian conservative base of the Republican Party — but nobody gets that unless you put them all together and then bang them over the head with it.

Exactly. It's the NARRATIVE that counts.

Right now the Cons OWN the narrative, while the wonky professor goes around trying to convince Canadians .... at weiner roasts....that his plan is as brilliant as he is. Which is charming I suppose.

But if I was a Liberal I would strongly suggest that he have a good plan B in his back pocket , work on his narrative as well as his English, and run a Canadian version of that ad.

You know something like this one....

Stephen Harper was a climate change denier when Big Oil was spending millions trying to deny the undeniable.

Stephen Harper killed Kyoto. Shamed Canada in the eyes of the world. Because Big Oil wanted the plan cremated.... even as the planet burned.

Stephen Harper is opposed to a carbon tax because Big Oil doesn't want anyone to take a bite out of their billion dollar profits.They're SCREWING us at the pumps but still they want MORE !!!! And their Stevie is willing to give it to them.

Stephen Harper was, is, and always will be, an oil pimp from Alberta.
Who puts the interests of Big Oil BEFORE the interests of Canada.

OK maybe not those words. But DEFINITELY that music.

C'mon Liberals gimme a little pump rage.

Doncha think it's time to give these foul Cons a taste of their own medicine?

Put together a nasty narrative....

And bang them over the head with it ?

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