Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgia and the Chimp's Last Gaffe

As the Georgian army retreats from South Ossetia like Napoleon retreated from Moscow.

Just faster.

Stunned Georgians accuse their friends of betraying them.

As Russian forces massed Sunday on two fronts, Georgians were heading south with whatever they could carry. When they met Western journalists, they all said the same thing: Where is the United States? When is NATO coming?

“Write exactly what I say,” he said. “Over the past few years, I lived in a democratic society. I was happy. And now America and the European Union are spitting on us.”

But where did they ever get the idea that they could charge in to South Ossetia guns blazing, then expect that the United States and NATO would send troops to back them up?

Risk triggering a confrontation with a resurgent, resentful, belligerent nuclear power... over a place like South Ossetia. Whose only claim to fame as far as I can see is that it prints half the fake dollar bills found along the east coast of the United States.

Did their friend George Bush....the guy they named a street after in their capital city....the guy they love so much they sent troops to Iraq....give them the green light?

Mr Saakashvilli may also have banked on support from his closest ally, US president George W Bush, whose administration is said to have given tacit support for a Georgian assault on South Ossetia in the believe that the territory could be recaptured within 48 hours.

If he did , it reminds me of how I once read that the Argentine Generals who invaded the Falklands thought that the U.S. had given them the green light. Or would look the other way as long as it was quick. And you all know what happened.

If he did it could be a monumental miscalculation...the idiot Chimp's last gaffe.

Because whatever happens two other things are certain.

After this nobody is going to invest money expanding that pipeline bringing oil and gas to Europe. Especially if the unrest continues. And even if the Georgians don't shut it down or blow it up to teach the Europeans a lesson.

So if the Europeans want more oil the pipeline is going to have to go through Russia.

And two, after this, whatever John McCain says.

“NATO’s decision to withhold a membership action plan for Georgia might have been viewed as a green light by Russia for its attacks on Georgia,” Mr. McCain told reporters on Monday in Erie, Pa., “and I urge the NATO allies to revisit the decision.”

Showing once again why this dangerous idiot must NEVER be the President of the United States.

NATO isn't going to want to touch Georgia with a 200-mile pole.

Game, set, match, Putin.

Idiocy is its own reward...

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