Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Paris Hilton, Obama, and the Cadbury Gorilla

Ever since I saw the McCain ad portraying Obama as a Magic Negro, and Paris Hilton as a slutty white groupie, I couldn't wait to see what Paris had to say.

And she didn't disappoint me...
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I am soooooo proud of her. That last stint in rehab really worked. I hope she does run for President some day. She's EARNED it.

But what I found even MORE fascinating was a post comparing Obama's appeal to that of a gorilla chocolate ad.

Obama and that Cadbury ad are both successful, at least in part, because people are not quite sure what they mean. So people want to talk about them, and write about them, and debate them at length. And - crucially - email, post and create their own user-generated videos about them. In this way do the chocolate bar and the politician become media phenomena. In the age of the web, a little bit of ambiguity is a very powerful thing.

The Web? Ambiguity? Who knew? Maybe.

One thing is for sure though. When Paris Hilton can deliver a clearer message than either Presidential candidate.

And one candidate calls the other The Chosen One.

Or the Anti-Christ.

And a drum-playing monkey gets involved.

I have no idea where Amerika is going.

But can The Abyss be far off ?


Woozie said...

Now why's Obama gotta be compared to a gorilla chocolate ad? ;)

Anonymous said...

i think the white house would look awesome in pink! the symbolism alone........wow, sock it to 'em paris! maybe she will really run and split the vote - another awesome move. or maybe she'll actually win - after all it's the same old same old from either side unless people get serious about dennis kuchinic (sp?).

gosh, tears, i now wish i was american and could vote for paris :D

Simon said...

Hi Woozie !!! Hmmmm.....good question. VERY suspicious. On the other hand I believe I have compared McCain to a three-footed old blind llama. So we're even !! :)

Simon said...

Hey Scout !! I agree a Pink House would be FABULOUS.But I'm not voting for Paris unless she promises to invite me to the Inaugural Ball. Can you imagine what that would be like? The business of government would have to be postponed for a week...to allow President Paris and her Cabinet to recover.
And I don't think the U.S. ever would... :)