Sunday, August 24, 2008

China's Amazing Olympic Games

The Beijing games are over, and what a show it was.

The best show ever.

But beyond the athletes, the spectacle, and the fireworks, what I liked most was the chance to learn more about that fascinating country, and meet all kinds of ordinary Chinese people. If only on TV.

To hear them talk about their problems, their sorrows, their joys and their dreams. And to discover ....surprise surprise.... that they are just like ours.

I knew that of course. I love my Chinese friends.

But in a world where it is so easy to put up walls between people it was so good to see some come down. So great to see people put aside their differences, if only for a while, and celebrate our common humanity

“The world has learned about China, and China has learned about the world, and I believe this is something that will have positive effects for the long term.”

Yes there are things that need to change in China, just like there are things that need to change in Canada. But if we respect and like each other as human beings it will be so much easier to build a better and more peaceful world. And do what we have to do TOGETHER to save our threatened planet.

Anyway that's what these games meant to me. For me, for two weeks, it really was One World. One Dream.

So well done China. Zhongguo Jiayou!

The Chinese people should be very proud of themselves. And they are... as well as sad.

Even the skies couldn't hold back their tears - but they made sure to cry in silence as the last dawn broke over the Beijing Games. They realized immediately, though, that it's not in the right spirit to say goodbye with tears in the eyes, and saved the rest for some other day

Hmmm....who said the Chinese aren't emotional? *wink*

One World. One Human Race. One Dream.

Over to you Vancouver. Over to you London.

Let's keep that dream alive....

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