Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blogger Lockout or Sitemeter Problem ?

For a while this afternoon when I tried to access my blog it caused Internet Explorer to crash. Kaboom. Over and over again.

At first I thought it was this problem.

And I was extremely annoyed and of course paranoid. Who was responsible for this outrage I wondered. Some right-wing dummy at Blogger? Or some homophobe spammer in Uzbekistan?

Or could it be the Iranian Mullahs.... the climate change deniers....Dick Cheney and his gangsters....or heaven forbid.... The Vatican?

Luckily I wasn't the only paranoid one.

And since I DIDN'T get an e-mail from Blogger, I started to wonder what code in my template could be causing this crash? So I did a little googling, and soon discovered another possible culprit.

And sure enough when I deleted the Sitemeter code .... *poof* .... the problem vanished.

Look I don't know if we're dealing with one big problem or two separate problems happening at the same time. Or who is really to blame. A bad bot or a human.

Or even whether my fix will work for you. So please don't sue me if it doesn't. I'll just plead ignorant. Duh? Jeepers Judge I'm so stoopid and dem internets is SOOOOOOO confusing.

But it worked for right now I feel like a GENIUS.

Hello Blogger I missed you.

Bye Bye Sitemeter....

P.S. In case you're wondering how I'm going to count my readers....don't worry.

With the number of readers I got.

I can use my FINGERS...


Lenore Appelhans said...

I noticed too that all the blogs I read that have sitemeter are not working today (including mine). And I never got a message indicating that my blog is spam... don't want to dump sitemeter! What to do?

Simon said...

Hi Lenore !!! When I said I was a dummy I wasn't kidding. :(
But as that other blogger mentioned you can save the sitemeter code...and reinstall it later...when hopefully everything is back to normal.

Anne-Marie Ekström said...

Thank you for solving my problem. It was the same as yours. I use 24log. But still Sitemeter is better. More details. Before I read your blog I had the same thougts. Anyhow. My best wishes to your city, Montreal. I was there in 2005. I hope I will get back somtetime to Canada.

Have a nice day

Anne-Marie from Sweden.

Simon said...

Hi Anne Marie !! You're welcome. I'm glad I could help someone fix that annoying problem.
BTW I think Sweden is a really cool country. Too bad it's TOO Canada :)

Coco said...

Merci beaucoup pour l'info. J'en devenais malade.

Simon said...

Salut Coco !!! De rien. Mon plaisir. C'etait vraiment frustrant...ou l'enfer. J'en devenais malade aussi !! :)

dlyn said...

thanks for the info - Firefox will still load those sites, but not everyone has that. And if a blogger only has IE they can't get into their blog to delete it anyway.

Tammy said...

Thank you!

I also had the same problem, and I too had sitemeter on my blog. All the other blogs I am having trouble viewing also have sitemeter.

Anyway, I deleted sitemeter (copied the code to my desktop just in case I want to use it later on), and my blog works just fine. :)

Again, many thanks for the suggestion, which worked beautifully!

Aida said...

Simon, you are a genius. I got locked out of my blog yesterday after I tried to check my sitemeter and couldn't get in. I never connected two problems.

Anyway, I did a google search for blogger and found your very helpful post. With many tears, I've deleted sitemeter and my blog has now been released. I can breathe once again.

I kept the letter I received from sitemeter when I subscribed so hopefully I can add it back on at a later date but right now I'm singing your praises.

Aida said...

Simon, if you're interested, I posted a blog this morning linking back to your blog. I think you'll enjoy it and maybe even laugh a little.

Thanks again.

JJ said...

Yeah, me too, Simon.

I haven't disabled sitemeter yet but I will be doing so asap.

I hate it when things go Kerflooee!

Anonymous said...

SiteMeter claims to have fixed the problem now.

Simon said...

Hi Dlyn !!

You're welcome too. I have thought of switching over to Firefox. But after this I'm afraid to try ANYTHING !! :)

Simon said...

Hi Tammy !! I'm glad the fix worked for you. I must admit that when I removed sitemeter and the problem cleared up immediately I was STUNNED. I'm pretty good at fixing bikes but that's about it. I'm hopeless. Just ask my friends. Whenever I volunteer to fix changing a lightbulb or the oil in their car... they always say thanks but no thanks. And I don't blame them.Ugh. :)

Simon said...

Hi Aida !!!

Wow. Thanks a lot. That's really sweet of you. I read your post and I'm STILL blushing... and chuckling :)
But I've got to warn you there's a reason my friends don't flatter me.
It makes my head so big I can't fit my baseball cap on.
And one more thing. I do have a problem with some Christians these days. Too much hate and not enough love. But kind and sweet Christians like you .... and my mum...are some of the best people in the world... :)

Simon said...

Hi JJ!!! It wasn't until I saw that your blog was down too that I suddenly realized goodness this problem is really big. As I mentioned on your blog I was trying to beat that nasty little box that came up so I could find your e-mail and tell you what the problem was. So I wrote a post instead and hoped that you would read it. So it makes me really happy that a dummy like me was able to help other people as well.

Simon said...

Hi Bruce !!! Thanks for pointing that out. I probably will reinstall sitemeter at some point but not for a while. I had some other funny things happen with that I'm going to give them plenty of time to make sure they fixed whatever was bugging them....and US. :)

Simon said...

One more thing...I just want to thank everyone who visited my little site. I got so many visits I'm going to have to count them with my fingers AND my toes...

Aida said...

Simon, I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

I appreciate your kind words. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you. It's a shame but Jesus' teachings about love seems at times to get lost in all of the anger, shouting and fear.

However, now that I've been exposed to your technological genius, maybe I'll check in from time to time. BTW, I think you deserve a bigger baseball cap for discovering the sitemeter problem.

BTW< your mum sounds like a great lady.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

You can also use statcounter which is free. And if you blog daily your readership will double every four months or so, so just do it, babe.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, good job on your geniusness!

I have been without internet access for a few days when my internet died the day after my final exam and I was stuck with boredom until I moved back home for August.

I noticed no problems! :P

Simon said...

Hi Aida !!

Yes I loved your post and I would encourage my other readers to read it ...just so they know how great I am ;)
Where's that XXXXL baseball cap?
As for my mum I don't want to brag about that but I think she is special. She's a real Christian who helps people, delivers food to seniors, teaches handicapped kids how to ride horses, and refuses to believe that her kind God could hate her gay son.
Other gay kids should be so lucky....

Simon said...

Hi Blue Gal !!! Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely think about it. Sometimes I think it would be better NOT to know how few people read me.But my buddy Sebastien says that's good for me because it keeps me humble.Which is a good thing....I think. :)

Simon said...

Hi Rashid !!!! Yeah not bad eh? You may be the young gay master of the universe when it comes to web design. But when people need a plumber they call ME !!!!
You know maybe I have been TOO modest. Maybe I am brilliant. Duh? :)

Aida said...

Blue Gal, I've heard of statcounter but never checked it out. Do you think it's better than sitemeter?

Aida said...

Simon, I’m glad you loved my post and I appreciate you encouraging your readers to read it. I’m sure they will be very impressed when they read how you single handedly saved the bloggers of this world. Sometimes it takes crises like this for people to recognize true greatness.

Your mum sounds like a wonderful lady. I believe you’re fortunate to have her and I agree with her 100 per cent. The God that I know doesn’t hate gay people. I’m sorry that you’ve been hurt by hateful Christians but I’m glad you haven’t let that turn you against him. He loves you very much and he wants you to know that.