Friday, August 08, 2008

Is It Time for an Olympic Truce?

The amazing things you see on TV. Like the abominable chimp George Bush criticizing China's human rights record. Yes. Really. Believe it or not.

As if any government that tortures people at Guantanamo and other secret prisons. Or locks them in small crates. Has the moral right to criticize ANYONE.

There are, of course, a lot of reasons for the rest of us to criticize the Chinese government's heavy handed approach to just about everything.

But with only hours to go before the games open, I'm hoping for an Olympic truce.

I think it's important to remember that China has come a long way in a short time. And that the Beijing Games don't just belong to the government.

They are also a dream come true for millions of ordinary Chinese people.

... Beijing's Olympics will be a success because the majority of the population want them to be, not just because the government wants to use Olympic success to gain legitimacy. Xia Fengzhi, a 67-year-old retired worker and a volunteer, told me how happy and excited he is about the Games: 'I want foreigners to see what China has achieved. We were called the "sick man of Asia". Now we are strong and rich enough to hold such a major international event.

I'd hate to see a billion dreams shattered.

A confident, proud China is better than a humiliated and angry one.

So I'm hoping the Chinese people's big coming out party is a big success.

Hoping we can forget about the grating sound of politics for a while.

Here's to the real Olympic spirit. If it still exists.

May friendship RULE...


P.S. Did I mention I love fireworks?......and the Chinese INVENTED them.

Peace, friendship, sports AND fireworks?



ur merit said...

i just burst into tears when i watched the fire was lighted on.its really what we chinese really hope and desire in these years and everyone devote a lot to this,not only olympics,but the amazing country.Though i somewot dislike what the government did,i appreciated the government finally giving a glorious ceremony.After the earthquake,90thousand death,i though china is growing a lot.Though cnn,blogspot has just been blocked,im proud of the country for the 1st time,no matter what other thingd try to stop us,we will still be movin' on.
thank u simon 4 wot u wrote:)xoxo(i've just watched gossip girl)

Simon said...

Hi Ur!!! Wow what a great comment. I know that so many Chinese people would feel so proud of that great start to the Olympics...and I felt happy for them. Unlike so many ignorant people in the West I actually know a bit about Chinese history so I understand where these deep feelings come from. The better we understand respect and love each other the better this world will be.
But Gossip girl? Now that's UNFORGIVABLE !!!!! ;)