Monday, August 25, 2008

The Summer of the Thunder Storm

It's been the story of my summer. I get up on a day off. It looks like a beautiful day. Even Pig Town looks pretty.

I spend the next two hours trying to decide what to do. Should I go biking, or sailing, try to organize a soccer game, or have a beach BBQ?

Or should I make a real effort to improve my kayaking skills?

Because S├ębastien says you can't be a real Canadian until you can fight on skates, make love in a canoe, or paddle a kayak upside down. And zero for three is pathetic.

But before I can do ANYTHING suddenly it's too late.

Another thunder storm sweeps out of the West.

(Click to enlarge)

And it starts to rain. Again. It's the wettest summer in seventy years.

So all I end up doing is playing video games, watching TV, downloading music, reading, trying to fix things, or blogging. Which is REALLY depressing, because summer in Canada is sooooo short.

And my tiny perfect ass is getting soooooo BIG.

But it turns out there is a silver lining.

Shorter version:
if you're a plant this was the best summer EVER !!!

Nobody has had to water their gardens for ages.

It's so green it looks like an Irish Spring commercial.

The monster ginger cat is grumpy.

But the flowers are busting out all over.

Many plants are twice their normal size. I saw a dandelion the other day the size of a baseball.

The rabbits in the woods nearby are so fat they can hardly hop. And there are more butterflies than I have seen in a long time.

Like these beautiful Monarchs.

(Click to enlarge)

No doubt their batteries before their long journey to Mexico.

Which reminds me I'm off on a journey myself. S├ębastien is kidnapping me and taking me to a secret location.

OMG. Who will save me? Who would dare? Does it rain where we're going? Is it my surprise birthday present....or my honeymoon?


Enjoy your summer...while it's still here. Smell the flowers. Hug your lovers.

Sing this song. That I love so much.

Summer was a washout.

But fall should be BEAUTIFUL....


Nicole said...

Hey Simon!

Long time. Sorry you had a rainy summer, but all the green is beautiful! Everything is beautiful and lush here is good ole Regina too.

Hope you had an exciting and "naughty" get-away!!!

Ps. Fall is my most favourite season and I am excited and optimistic that it indeed is going to be fabulous. ( that an the fact that I am going to Vegas for 8 days at the start of Oct. Me, the hubby and our bestfriends.)

so if you know of any "must dos" in Sin City...I'm all ears...or I guess on the computer..eyes. lol

Ps. I hope you realize that i think you are a beautiful and talented writer!

Here's to Fall and to many Good Times for both of us.

Simon said...

Hi Nicole !! Thanks for your sweet comment. I did have an exciting getaway...except that it rained there too :(
The good news is that when the trees are pampered like they were this summer they produce their best colours. Because of the last few dry summers we haven't had a really good show, but this year should be spectacular !!!
As for Vegas I'm afraid I can't offer any tips...but I'm sure you'll have a great time. Just watch out for those slot machines.
It's a long way from VBegas to Regina...when you have to hitch hike... :)

Nicole said... lucky duck! Being that Fall is my FAVOURITE season I love all the fall colours and folliage...however here on the prairies Fall is usually short-lived and Winter pushes her way in way to quickly and greedily, if you ask me.

Make sure you take plenty of pics of your beautiful Fall and maybe post 1 or 2! :-)

No worries about about me walking!!! Our trip is already paid for so i am guaranteed a hotel room and my flight home...if I get a little crazy at the roulette table...we may not eat for a couple days..but it won't hurt to miss a meal or two! :-p

I am actually all about the shopping...outlet malls outlet malls and did I mention outlet malls!!!???

Our son is 16 and my baby girl turned 14 and just started High School, so of course they are working out their lists of things for me to buy as we speak.

so...Harper is probably going to "ask" for an election...I am looking forward to your posts when things start getting juicy here in Canada...I mean...the US politics don't deserve all your devotion and affection.

And you think Americans are really THAT stupid to vote in an old as Hell good ole boy with a redneck prolifer smiling idiot for a sidekick...YIKES...say it ain't so Simon!

Have a Fab. Monday...I guess it is a Tuesday ( Sept 2nd) but feels like a Monday. Thank goddess for long weekends and that it is gonna be a short work week.!

Simon said...

Hi Nicole !!! I'm sure you will have a great time in Vegas. And I'll expect a full report. Although with two teenagers that shopping trip sounds like it's going to be expensive :)
I have been spending a bit too much writing about the Ameriocan election. In fact it's starting to worry me that so many bloggers are doing that and we're only days away from our own fateful election.It's strange eh? But I am deeply concerned about the situation in Canada...and I will write about it more. As for whether Americans are stupid enough to elect John McCain, I'm worried that too many Canadians are stupid enough to elect Stephen Harper. Including, I'm sorry to say, a lot of people in my home province Quebec.
I really think Canada as we know and love it is in danger, and I'm depressed. And my friends are no help whatsoever. They just blame my natural Scottish gloom. I just tell them what an amazing feminist once told me. These days paranoia is a higher state of consciousness... :)