Friday, August 08, 2008

Insite: When Ideology is Still Murder

As if the foul Republican Cons haven't done enough damage in Canada. By putting their brutish alien ideology before the lives of Canadians.

Now they are going after the rest of the world.

The World Health Organization has strongly endorsed safe injection sites like Vancouver's Insite as one of the “priority interventions” that countries should implement to slow the spread of HIV-AIDS, a view that was swiftly and firmly rejected by Canada's Health Minister.

“Allowing and/or encouraging people to inject heroin into their veins is not harm reduction, it is the opposite. … We believe it is a form of harm addition.”

Can you believe that Con moron logic? Harm reduction is harmful. Huh?

Will these right-wing dumbasses ever stop raping our values and disgracing us abroad? Before we all have to wear paper bags over our heads whenever we leave the country. Or pretend we're from the English-speaking part of

I've already explained why we need more safe injection sites like Insite.

So I'll just sum it up like this....

The desperate drug addicts of the Downtown Eastside are the poorest and the most vulnerable people in Canada....who need to be reached and TREATED. Not punished.

Safe injection sites aren't The Solution....but a valuable part of an anti-drug/AIDS strategy.

The foul Cons are a plague upon the land. And the planet.

And putting ideology before human lives is still MURDER...

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