Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gay Holocaust Monument Vandalized

I wasn't surprised to see that the Berlin monument to gay holocaust victims had been vandalized.

Just surprised that it took so long.

Berlin's memorial to the thousands of homosexuals persecuted and killed by the Nazis was damaged over the weekend, less than three months after its unveiling.

A viewing window in the concrete monument through which a video of two men kissing can be seen was smashed in the attack.

There were more than 50,000 convictions of homosexuals in the Nazi era, and authorities in some cases ordered men to be castrated.

Such a humble memorial for such an awful crime.

But still too much for some.

What can you say about the kind of hatemongers that would attack a memorial to the dead?

Or attack a video like this one...

What can you say about the power of a kiss that still drives so many people crazy?

Except that homophobia is a straight disease. Homophobes can only heal themselves.

All we can do is remember the gay victims like Pierre and Jo.

And all the others still persecuted today.

Teach these bastard bigots that Never Again means Never Again.


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