Friday, August 01, 2008

A Death on the Waterfront

It was a beautiful day on the waterfront.

After days of rain and thunderstorms the sun was out.

And so was the kayak navy.

After the wettest and most miserable summer anyone around here can remember.

The patios were finally open.

It should have been a day to celebrate.

Except that just a few hours before the Marine Unit had been busy.

Fishing a body out of the water.

Those who live along the waterfront had been asked to keep an eye out for him after his car was found abandoned a few blocks away.

So when I heard he was dead I felt really sad. The old man loved his neighbourhood so much he seems to have gone overboard. And I guess he felt his life was ruined.

If I'd had a chance to meet him, I would have told him I've felt that way before. I've ruined my life at least three or four times. Already. But unless you kill or hurt someone it's never as bad as it seems.

And I also would have told him that I'm sure that his family and friends loved him just as much as they ever did.

But I didn't get that chance and neither did anybody else.

Too bad.

In the evening S├ębastien and I went sailing off Ontario Place.

It was a beautiful sunset.

I wish the old man could have seen it.

S├ębastien suddenly hugged me. I don't know why.

I almost fell overboard.

Sadness passes.

Life goes on...

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