Saturday, August 09, 2008

Help! The Westboro Baptist Church is After Me

Uh oh. Last night I reported on how the Westboro Baptist Church had invaded Canada.

And had released a disturbing new video.

Now the crazy monsters from Hell ....or Kansas....are after me !!!!!!!

But that's OK.

I got my signs too...

And I REALLY like this one

If these crazy cheeseburgers want a sign war, they've got one....


P.S. if you want a sign to let them know how much you love them

You can get one here.


Anonymous said...

As much as I despise these idiots and everything and anything religion, at least their message is honest about how they really think. Not crypted in the laughable pro-family/family values bullshit, which translated really means we hate fags.

ur merit said...

these retarded makes you famous!cheer up!

Simon said...

Hi Waterboy!!! yeah I agree...the others may maul us with a velvet glove but it all amounts to the same. A stubborn refusal to accept that gay people are human. Period.
BTW after I read your comment I wrote a post about messages that kill.I'm trying to be a little more serious. But it's so hard :)

Simon said...

Hi Ur !!! heh heh heh. Me famous? Not until you convince all your comrades in China to read my blog !!!
I'm counting on you.... :)