Thursday, August 21, 2008

John McCain Can't Even Count

As if John McCain wasn't scary enough.

An old Cold War warrior trapped in a past he can't quite remember.

Now he can't count.

Muahahaha. Who is an elitist now?

In a YouTube world it's the simple message that counts. The one that fits into the narrative that John McCain is a fuddy duddy who just doesn't get it. So this one is going to HURT.

Which makes me wonder why we don't see more YouTubes about Stephen Harper's foul Con government.

Why haven't the opposition parties been able to come up with three or four simple narratives that encapsulate the horror and the danger of the Con regime? Simplify the choices for Canadians....and prepare the ground for the next election.

And why hasn't the progressive blogosphere done its part?

Are we just old fashioned? Or just old? Are we out of it ? Or is it because we're so divided we can't come up with a common narrative?

But prefer to chase many points of light without realizing they come from the same source. Or fight among ourselves. Or pay attention to the blogging scum. Or play old people Facebook games like who is a "Kick Ass Blogger" and who isn't.

Less than two months to go before an election.

That could decide the future of Canada.

YouTubes anyone?

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