Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Oil, John McCain, and Stephen Harper

I see that the Democratic National Committee has decided to channel a little pump rage and hit back at John McCain.

By calling him Exxon John....

And making sure they say BIG OIL and EXXON John as many times as they can.

Meanwhile back in sleepy Canada..... none of the opposition parties is using the same tactic against Stephen Harper.Too chicken I guess. Or too wonky like Dion. Who probably thinks he can still educate the rabble that a carbon TAX is good for them.


I would have thought that Stephen Harper, BIG OIL, and pump rage, go together like fish,chips, and vinegar.

Or bad mayo and the Oil Pimp.

Stephen Harper is opposed to a carbon tax because BIG OIL doesn't want anyone to take a bite out of their billion dollar profits.They're SCREWING us at the pumps but still they want MORE !!!! And their Stevie is willing to give it to them.

The DNC seems to have got the message even if Obama hasn't.

I wish more Canadians did.

Use it or lose it I say. You know.


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