Saturday, August 23, 2008

Afghanistan and the Carnival of Death

Three more Canadian soldiers dead.

In a country divided down the middle each side sees what it wants to see. You're for the war, or against the war. A traitor or a warmonger.

But nobody asks the hard military questions..

The Harper government announced two weeks ago that it had arranged to purchase six used Chinook helicopters from the United States and lease as many as eight more Russian-built Mi-8s. These giant machines will go a long way to ease the burden placed upon Canadian troops faced with long desert treks, threatened by roadside bombs and Taliban ambushes.

Like why didn't we buy, lease, beg, borrow or steal these helicopters YEARS ago? When we discovered that the ones we had didn't fly too good in the heat and the thin air of Afghanistan? Surprise. Surprise.

Or why didn't we realize that not enough helicopters, not enough troops, and an over reliance on airpower would lead to tragedies like this one?

When it was all so PREDICTABLE.

But of course it's too late for that now. Too late to learn the lessons of history.

All our troops can do now is just soldier bravely on.Tell their loved ones they're going to survive.

"I want my family not to worry too much, because I will keep my head down, I will wear my protective equipment and I will come back alive.."

Or turn that prayer into a song...

Kaboom. Welcome to the Carnival of Death.

The soldiers and the Afghans do the dying.

But we're ALL dancing now...

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